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Join Us At the Judicial Council in October - Sign Up Now!

Coming straight off of our powerful Broken Branch Stop Court Crimes Rally and Action on Sept 19th, where we had more than 60 people show up from 16 different CA counties, CJE and our allies are committed to turning out even more people to the Judicial Council's upcoming October 27 -28 public meetings. Our goal is to bring over 100 people to the meetings to speak during the public comment period to demand greater judicial accountability in California's courts. If you want to attend but do not want to speak out, for any reason, you can help show our strength in numbers by sitting quietly in the meeting wearing a red Stop Court Crimes T Shirt. Those who choose to speak will be allowed 3 minutes each. 

To ensure your speaking slot during the public comment portion of the agenda, you must carefully follow these directions: 

1a) Send a very brief email to by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, October 23, 2014.

State your name (first and last), and the topic you would like to speak about (Judicial Accountability) in your email. 


1b) Mail your written notice by 4:00 p.m. Thursday, October 23rd to Cliff Alumno at the following address:

Judicial Council of California

455 Golden Gate Avenue

San Francisco, California 94102-3688

Attention: Cliff Alumno

Be sure to include your name (first and last) and the topic you would like to speak about (Judicial Accountability) in your letter.  

Very Important: The Judicial Council WILL NOT allow public comments that mention specific cases (i.e. your case). If you plan to speak during the public comment portion of the agenda, please refrain from mentioning your case, or any individual case, specifically. You can, however, speak about the broader accountability issues that prevail in the CA courts that were apparent in your case (without specifically discussing your case).  

2) If you plan to attend, please be sure to email us at so that we know how many people to expect, and so that we can plan accordingly if the Judicial Council tries to pull a fast one. We'll certainly want everyone wearing your Stop Court Crimes t-shirts, so be sure to order one today if you don't already have one. It will be a lot easier on the day of the action if everyone already has a shirt. 

Direct Action Update

At our Sept. 19th direct action at the Judicial Council, OGC Senior Attorney Bob Buckley agreed to discuss our request for a public hearing on the Broken Branch with the top brass at the Judicial Council and to get back to us regarding solutions, including a possible meeting with the Chief Justice, by this week. We're pleased to report that Bob informed us this afternoon that a written response was sent in today's mail and should arrive to us within the next couple of days. Stay tuned to find out what the California Judicial Council has to say about our mounting concerns and the lack of accountability in the California courts. Click to read our Sept. 19th demand letter.

Click here to see photos of the Sept. 19 protest. 

Speaker Training Conference Call

Finally, CJE will host a conference call training in mid-October to offer guidance to anyone who plans to testify and would like our support. Details about the training will be emailed to everyone who alerts us that they have signed up to testify, so please remember to let us know once you've contacted the Judicial Council directly.

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Together, we can fix it. 

Thank you for your continued courage and commitment to justice! 
Kathleen & the CJE Board of Directors
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