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IISL Newsletter - March 2022

  • News and Announcements
    • IISL Proceedings 2020
  • IISL President's Statement on the Situation in Ukraine
  • Space Law Workshop at Space Symposium
  • Progress on McGill Encyclopedia of Space Law


The IISL wishes luck to all the teams competeing in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Regional Rounds!


Proceedings of the IISL 2020

The Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law 2020 is now available from Eleven International.

An IISL members’ 40% discount is available for proceedings bought from Eleven. Members can receive their discount by contacting the publisher, Eleven International Publishing, at

IISL President’s Statement on the Situation in  Ukraine

IISL’s mission is to promote the rule of law in outer space. In the recent past, we have seen a deterioration of respect for existing, binding international space law. The current invasion of Ukraine represents an unprecedented new dimension of violation of international law. Taken into account with other such violations of international law in other world regions, the IISL is deeply concerned about this situation and its meaning for the rule of law.

We are shocked by the suffering that Russia is inflicting on Ukrainian citizens, their homes, other living beings, and the environment. We feel compassion for our Ukrainian IISL Members and deplore that what they have been building up in space law capacity and resources might be destroyed.

The IISL is committed to peaceful relations in outer space and on the Earth. While we seek to enable a global discourse on space law, we will be suspending activities connected with Russia. This includes the suspension of participation of Russian teams in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition. We do this with great regret, because it affects civil society, which we always strive to connect, and it means that students must pay the price for geopolitical struggles far beyond their control. At the same time, we must remain in solidarity with the sanctions regime that has been adopted as it is meaningful to our commitment to the rule of law. 

The IISL continues to work for the maintenance of the rule of law in outer space – and on Earth, wherever it is challenged and violated.

Kai-Uwe Schrogl, President

Setsuko Aoki, Vice President

Dennis Burnett, Treasurer

P.J. Blount, Executive Secretary

Tanja Masson-Zwaan, President Emerita

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana, President Emeritus

Space Law Workshop at the Space Symposium

The IISL is sponsoring a Space Law Workshop at the 37th Space Symposium, in Colorado Springs, April 4, 2022.  Speakers include general Counsels from 13 companies and agencies.  The Agenda is below.   A separate registration is required.  Go to:
Space Law Workshop Agenda
1:15 – 1:20                  Introduction and welcome; Skip Smith, Sherman & Howard; Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, President IISL 

1:20 – 1:35                  Commercial Space Policies and Perspectives; Dr. Diane Howard, Director of Commercial Space Policy at the National Space Council

1:35 – 2:45                  Legal issues presented by the Artemis Accords
Gabriel Swiney – Senior Policy Advisor, NASA
Marco Ferrazzani – Chief Legal Officer, European Space Agency
Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, President of the International Institute of Space Law

2:45 – 3:50                  Legal issues presented by Commercial Space Stations
Sumara Thompson-King, General Counsel, NASA (TBC)
Jessica Noble, General Counsel, Nanoracks
Kelly Garrehime, General Counsel, Sierra Space
Alicia Woodley, General Counsel, Axiom Space

3:50-5:15                     General Counsel Forum
The Forum will include GCs from: NASA, ESA, Lockheed Martin Space, Maxar, ULA, Voyager Space, Spaceport America, Hawkeye360, York Space, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Axiom, Sierra Space and Nanoracks. 
Topics of discussion will include: non-traditional business models for commercial space, large constellations and space traffic management, SPACS, Spaceport developments, and more. 

5:15 – 6:15                  Reception sponsored by Sherman & Howard

Progress on the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law


An announcement from our institutional member the Instititute of Air and Space Law at McGill University regarding the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law:

The Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University is invigorating its work on the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law (MESIL or SpaceLawPedia). First announced in November 2020, the McGill Encyclopedia is envisaged as the go-to resource for authoritative, peer-reviewed and reliable online resource on key subject matters of international space law.

Since its launch in 2020, the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law has already attracted great support from renowned members of the international space law community. In early 2021, in recognition of this unique and first-of-its kind research endeavour, the McGill Encyclopedia project received a large injection of funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Government of Canada’s funding agency that supports cutting-edge research and promotes the dissemination of transformational knowledge.

With the ease of publication, particularly on the Internet, much publicly available literature on international space law tends to be biased and devoid of basic understanding of the norms of public international law, and relevant technical and scientific know-how of space science and applications. The proliferation of space activities and actors brings the world a myriad of socio-economic and scientific benefits, as well as strategic and geopolitical concerns. In order to ensure the safety, security and sustainability of outer space, now more than ever before, it is vital that policy-makers, government officials, industry professionals, academics, and members of the public have ready access to clear and objective knowledge of the legal principles and norms governing activities in the shared global commons of outer space.

In the words of former Judge Abdul Koroma of the International Court of Justice, “McGill is well placed both with technical and academic resources” to undertake the direction, creation and curation of the McGill Encyclopedia. A member of the SpaceLawPedia Advisory Board, Judge Koroma fondly recalled memories of discussing the concept of an encyclopedia on international space law with Professor Jakhu throughout the years. Equipped with experience of over several decades in pioneering research in air and space law and in managing the multi-year projects, such as the McGill Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS) that is soon coming to a close, McGill is well placed to address the void in and demand for neutral, objective and evidence-based knowledge on international space law.

In addition to the involvement and endorsement of a former judge of the International Court of Justice, dozens of recognised academics and industry professionals are playing an active role in transforming the vision of the world’s first dedicated and objective reference material on international space law into reality. With significant funding from the Government of Canada, institutional and financial support from the Faculty of Law at McGill University, Acting Director of the Institute Professor Ram Jakhu looks forward to receiving entries of the McGill Encyclopedia of International Space Law from well-recognised experts in the coming months.

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