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No. 1 – January 2017
  •  Notes and Announcements
  • Call for Nominations - 2017 IISL Awards
  • IISL Book Publication
  • IISL Cyber Law Working Group
  • Annual Highlight Paper Writing Competition
  • Member News 
  • Gabriel Lafferranderie 1941-2016 
  • Events Calendar 
Notes and Announcements
  • Deadline for Nominations for the 2017 IISL Awards is January 30. More information is below.
  • Remarks made by Brian J. Egan, Legal Advisor at the US Department of State, entitled “The Next Fifty Years of the Outer Space Treaty”, delivered at this year's Galloway Symposium, are now available online at: 
  • The calendar of the 2017 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court is now online at:
    • Deadline for submission of Requests for Clarifications for already registered teams is January 22.

Call for Nominations for
2017 IISL Awards

As you are aware, the IISL recognizes eminent and extraordinary contributions and services to the field of space law, and for advancing the broader objectives of the Institute through prestigious IISL annual awards.

The annual awards are in four categories
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Award of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Gratitude
The Institute calls for nominations in prescribed forms for 2017 IISL Awards in the above categories to be sent before the deadline of January 30, 2017.

Nominations must be submitted electronically to by filling and e-mailing the prescribed form, and providing all the required information and documentation.

Nomination forms and eligibility criteria for each category, and the procedure for nominations can be accessed on the IISL external website under "awards and competitions," at The list of past awardees can also be found on the same page.
As the scope of the IISL Awards is global and is not limited to IISL members, all members are urged to actively participate and nominate. 
IISL Book Publication

Manfred Lachs Space
Law Moot Court Competition 

The First 25 Years

The Moot Court Committee of the IISL is pleased to announce the publication of Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition -The First 25 Years, by Eleven Publishing. The book includes pictures and details from the first 25 years of the Moot Court, including the problems from each year. The book is available from Eleven Publishing at: 

IISL Cyber Law Working Group
As the internet continues to encroach more on everyday life and interact with different domains, the field of cyber law will continue to grow in importance. As a result of this emerging field, the IISL would like to establish a Working Group, to be headed by Prof. Hobe, Director of Studies at the IISL, in order to openly discuss the topic and look closer at IISL’s involvement with cyber law. Such questions that could be asked include:
  • What entities have the competency to regulate the structure and architecture of cyberspace as well as the activities in cyberspace?
  • How do these entities interact with the space law regime?
  • Are cyber operations only a matter of national regulation?
  • Is international law applicable to cyberspace and cyber operations?
  • Is there a lex specialis for cyberspace?
  • Shall national regulations be coordinated to some extent and how should international law be developed to adequately regulate cyber operations?
All IISL Members interested in participating in the Cyber Law Working Group are kindly invited to express their interest by the end of 2016.

Annual Highlight Paper Writing Competition

The IISL is pleased to announce the second year of the IISL Annual Highlight Paper competition

All practitioners and non-student academics with a minimum of five years of space law experience are eligible. The purpose of the competition is to promote and publish excellent scholarship through a blind, peer-review process.

  • Topic: The Outer Space Treaty 1967 - 2017
  • Submissions Due: 1 March 2017
  • Review Period Ends: 1 September 2017
  • Recipient Announced: 27 September 2017 (IISL General Assembly)

The reviewers will be IISL Publications Committee Co-Chairs Dr. Marietta Benkö, Prof. Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz, and Directorate of Studies Member Dr. Steven Freeland.

Further details are available a

Member News
IISL Board Member Zhenjun Zhang reports that IISL is explicitly mentioned in the new official Chinese governmental White Paper on China's space activities in 2016, in the section on international exchanges and cooperation.
IISL Member and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford Ray Purdy informs us that The University of Oxford has recently begun a new research study looking at the use of satellites in regulatory monitoring of fisheries (to detect illegal fishing). As part of this project, they are trying to assess the impact (and value) of the use of satellite technologies in other regulatory monitoring programmes, and to ascertain what legal applications are currently taking place across the world where satellites technologies are being used. The project is seeking the help of the members of IISL (who we think would know best about developments in this field in their own country) in answering these two questions:
  • Have there been any cases where satellite imagery has been used in courts as evidence (and was it successful)?
  • Has your Government/Agency used satellite data in any regulatory monitoring programme, or in individual cases (and if so for what applications)?
Please send replies to: 
Gabriel Lafferranderie 1941-2016
Dear Members of IISL,

We received the sad news that Dr. Gabriel Lafferranderie has passed away, aged 75. He was known in particular as the Founder and long-time President of the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) and as a high-profile space law practitioner as Legal Advisor in the European Space Agency, ESA.

He was also, and the Institute is particularly proud of this, a very active member in IISL. Serving in numerous functions, he was awarded the recognition of Honorary Director in recognition of his immense achievements for IISL. In particular, the close links between IISL and ECSL, as expressed through the Manfred Lachs Moot Court or the IISL/ECSL Symposium at the sessions of the UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee, are based on his work. He was a true believer in space law and a visionary publishing widely on the benefits and prospects of space law.

We convey our condolences to his family and friends and keep Dr. Gabriel Lafferranderie in memory as an icon of space law and a great supporter of IISL.

Kai-Uwe Schrogl


Gabriel Lafferranderie, 1941-2016
IISL Board Member Marco Ferrazzani, currently ESA Legal Counsel and Head of the Legal Services Department, has said remembering his work:
“Gabriel Lafferranderie has been my boss and predecessor as ESA Legal Counsel and mentor in space law. He played a substantial part in the drafting, implementation and interpretation of the Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency, thus ensuring ESA’s institutional stability and the coherence of the legal instruments adopted and contributing to the success of the major European space programmes.

Gabriel Lafferranderie played an active role in the setting up of space sector operators, such as Arianespace, Eutelsat and Eumetsat, an innovation that owes much to his capacity to adapt and give legal sense to institutional changes, required by geopolitical, economic or societal evolutions.

He was the leader in setting up of the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) in 1989. We witness his personal dedication to the cause of developing and promoting the achievements of international cooperation and space law, with upcoming generations in mind.”

An obituary is on the IISL website at:

Gabriel Lafferranderie will be missed by many,
but remembered through the legacy of his work.
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Events Calendar

  • January 22 - (Moot Court) Deadline for submission of Requests for Clarifications for already registered teams.
  • January 30 - Deadline for Nominations for 2017 IISL Awards.
  • January 30 - February 10 - 54th COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, Vienna, Austria.
  • February 28 - Abstract Submission Deadline for 68th IAC Adelaide, Australia. 
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