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Can we talk about taking breaks for a minute?

I'm not sure about you all, but I've come to cherish the times when I can take a break, step back and give my business room to breathe. We live in a very, very, very connected time and there often seems to be this pressure to keep moving forward at all costs. I mean, time marches on and we should, too. Right?

Well, I'm not so sure. As some of you may remember, I took a lengthy break from podcasting from December to March in an effort to regroup after a year full of momentum. It was scary to feel as though I'd be pumping the breaks on something that was really getting off the ground.

You know what, though? Taking that break was the best thing I could have done. It helped me step out from under the emotional attachment and pressure I had placed on Creating Your Own Path. It also helped me devote the time necessary to create a plan for what was to come, focus on family and friends and put some much-needed energy into the freelance side of my career.

So, I'm taking another break. If you listened to either this week's show or my State of the Podcast episode in February, you likely saw this coming. This is part of the master plan to keep everything up and running without running myself ragged.

Not only will I take several weeks off from the show, but I'll also be taking a break from this newsletter. I know, I know. Some of you just got here! And I'm really happy to have here (truly—knowing that you trust me not to waste your time is a BIG DEAL to me), but I'm also hanging out over here and I promise you this: I'll be back in your inboxes before you know it. 

I've tried to pack this week's newsletter full of goodies to tide you over. So let's get to the good stuff, shall we? 

Today's podcast episode features the very talented Trisha Hughes of Eat Your Beets. Not only is Trisha an amazing food blogger, but she’s also become an incredible resource for those who want to learn more about the art of food photography.

In the interview, we talk about why she decided to teach others how to photograph food, what she's learned about marketing over the years and why she believes in starting before you’re ready!
Stream the episode here and subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher!

The podcast has been popping up in fun places recently, so I thought I'd share a few mentions below. I'm always so grateful when I hear people recommending the podcast and I'm a fan of showing them a little love as well! Let's get to it:
Thank you, as always, for showing up and reading along. Don't forget, you can also find me hanging out over on Instagram during my little podcast/newsletter hiatus.

See you after the break!

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