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Hi Kathy,

Hello, we are close to being a third of the way through session! I'd like to update you on my legislation.

My Bills

"Public Lands Day"  will be presented in the State and Veteran Affairs Committee on Monday for action only. I have received huge support for the recognition of public lands day and I know how important public lands are to the Colorado way of life. 

"Rural Economic Emergency Assistance Grant Program" passed it's first committee with bi-partisan support which is the biggest hurdle. 

"Pink Hunting", my bill which would allow big game hunters to add florescent pink to their apparel options has passed the Senate.

"Bridging the Rural Digital Divide" Almost two years ago a broadband fund was created to bring broadband to rural Colorado. So far, no money has gone to the construction of broadband infrastructure. I am working with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that broadband deployment becomes a reality for rural Colorado. Broadband will allow for new businesses to enter rural communities, schools to have the same capabilities as urban areas and hospitals to meet ACA requirements. It is important that we bridge the digital divide.

From the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: 
"To help address it, (broadband deployment), Donovan plans to introduce a measure into the Legislature designed to speed up the process of getting money into the hands of for-profit companies interested in building high-speed internet connections in hard-to-reach areas of the state." -Charles Ashby 

If you would like to read the full article please click the "Bridging the Digital Divide" link below.

An excerpt from a Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial: 

"So, she’s proposing new legislation to put more demands on how the PUC defines “effective competition” among telecom companies. Areas lacking competition pay into the state’s High-Cost Maintenance Support Mechanism. Areas that are designated as having enough competition instead pay directly into the broadband fund. Donovan’s bill attempts to designate more areas as having competitive telephone service, thus diverting more money to broadband development."

If you would like to read the full editorial please click the "Broadband Editorial" link below.

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Contact Me

My job as your representative in the Colorado Senate is year-round. Follow me on Facebook or twitter for more information. If you would like to become an advocate for any of my bills, or if there is an issue in your community that you think needs attention, please give me a call or send me an email. 
Kerry Donovan
(303) 866-4871 (office)

Kerry Donovan
Colorado Senate District 5
Kerry Donovan
Colorado Senate
District 5

Upcoming Events

February 24th
5:30-6:30 pm
"Public Lands"
Twitter Town Hall

February 27th
Paonia- 4-5 pm
Meet and greet with Senator Donovan and Representative Hamner 
Wisehart Springs Inn, 39508 Pitkin Rd

March 1st
Caucus 7 pm

Regardless of your party affiliation, you can find your caucus location by clicking on the link below. 

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Gary Donovan enjoying the weather outside of the Capitol.