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Bristol Parks Forum Update

In this update: 

Parks Foundation Update

All the projects (including the Bristol & Bath Parks Foundation) that are part the National Lottery Heritage Fund & Nesta Rethinking Parks project now have introductory blogs on the Rethinking Parks website.
Here is a direct link to each blog:

AWT Community Volunteer Event

Are you a part of a group that is actively volunteering in your community and committed to making a difference to nature?
We are celebrating volunteering in the community with a day of workshops and activities at Feed Bristol. Join us for:
-           Workshops
-           Learn about our vision for a Wilder Avon
-           Help us co-create our Wilder Communities programme
-           Take a tour of Feed Bristol from our expert gardeners
-           Meet other volunteers, Wildlife Champions and AWT staff
-           Find out how we can help you!
This event is free of charge and open to people who are already actively volunteering in their community. Tickets must be booked through Eventbrite.
For more information contact Julie Doherty, / 0117 9177270

Contacting Bristol Parks

An important update from Bristol Parks about their contact details – please note in particular the phone number change.
These changes don’t preclude direct park group communication with the likes of the operational coordinators for existing or ongoing dialogue but our webforms are one of the most efficient routes letting us know about day-to-day issues.
The Parks Forum Contact page has now been updated to show this information
  • Extended enquiry processing hours via the Citizen Services Centre (CSC)
The Citizen Services Centre in 100 Temple Street is now fully integrated with the logging of our external public enquiries.
The call-handling and webform processing hours have now been extended to cover 8:30am to 6pm (Mon-Fri).
This experienced CSC team who process our enquiries also handle calls for waste/street cleansing, highways and residents parking, so have a good multi-disciple knowledge of overlapping council services. We meet and communicate with them regularly to keep them up to date.
  • Incoming Coming Number Change
The long-running 0117 922 3719 parks number no longer takes direct calls. Parks enquiries are now taken as part of a pick-option from 0117 922 2100 (option 4).  Callers to the old 0117 922 3719 number will for the foreseeable future receive a recorded message advising them to redial the new number. Again, in the first instance though, we do encourage people to use our webforms as much as possible (several of which include picture upload facilities).
Outside of the normal CSC hours if callers pick the parks, trees and allotments option when ringing 0117 922 2100 they will be given the option be diverted to Emergency Control.  The direct line for Emergency Control outside these CSC hours is still 0117 922 2050.
  • Webforms
The main parks page is still found at but here are some direct links to pages with webforms:  (this includes options for parks, playgrounds and direction to the tree report form)  (this is the dedicated direct link to the tree form)  (for reporting byelaws breaches)  (to request assistance with setting-up a new park groups and to book volunteer health & safety training, this page also signposts people to the Parks Forum website if they wish to join an existing parks group)  (to suggest ideas/improvements to parks, like improving signage or relocating bins)  (for allotments, including online applications)  (for football/cricket pitch bookings, which can now be booked on-line)
In light of the above, the email address has been phased-out for external use.  
If there is not a specific webform for a particular issue then people can use the best available webform to report issues or call the new number listed above. We will consider adding additional webforms in future based on demand/functionality. For the time being we feel that there is a good spread available for most scenarios.

BPF Vision

Thank you if your group has sent a copy of our Vision to your Councillor asking for support. Please do let us know what response you get.

Help Bristol & Bath Region Win The City Nature Challenge

Which city on Earth has the most wildlife and the most nature-loving citizens?
Between 26-29 April 2019, Bristol and Bath will unite to compete with 175+ cities on seven continents as we show the world how amazing our region is for people and nature during the 2019 City Nature Challenge.

Defending our 2018 title of most observations in Europe, together we will embark on an epic contest: to discover and record as much wildlife as possible over 4 days.

Your observations count towards local, national and international efforts to learn about and protect our regions' amazing wildlife.

Simply download the free iNaturalist app and upload your wildlife photos, taken between 26-29 April from within the four local authority boundaries that make up the West of England.
Useful links
•           Festival of Nature website:  
•           Bristol & Bath City Nature Challenge programme:  
•           Bristol & Bath iNaturalist project (live observations map):  
•           Live international leaderboard:  
•           UK City Nature Challenge cities:
Please get in touch with the team via  if you would like to run or host an event on your park or green space during the weekend.
You do not have to use the iNaturalist app to take part – but it is surprisingly easy to use!
If you prefer you can also upload photos via the iNaturalist website or experienced naturalists may want to send paper-form, grid referenced records to be uploaded by our volunteers (get in touch at if this is you!).
The app features photo recognition to help you identify what you are looking at, as well as inviting you to join an online community of fellow wildlife enthusiasts to sense check each identification, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure exactly what you have found.
Rob Acton-Campbell
Bristol Parks Forum
Parks Forum meetings:
18th May, St George, 19th October - Venue tbc

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