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Autumn Greetings from Binford
A Letter from our President

Greetings CWL Members!
Happy Autumn to everyone.  I hope the hurricanes are behind us and that healing occurs in particular for Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.
In our little corner of the world, the CWL is hard at work for kids in need.  The Student Activities committee along with our members have begun a Book Bag Drive for students that do not have the luxury of buying a sturdy book bag to last the full academic year.  Your donation makes a difference in the lives of students. See Nancy Waldrop’s Report below with details of this Book Bag Drive by the Student Activities Committee.

We are a dynamic organization in a time that is changing fast.  We want to be able to act quickly, being responsive, to needs that don’t fit our stipend structure. 
The Endowment ADHOC Committee met several times over a period of 4 months to discuss this topic. As presented at our last meeting and to be voted on by the entire Membership at our October 3 meeting their recommendations are presented below.
Membership is voting on October 3rd on initiatives brought forth by an Endowment ADHOC Committee made up of the following members: Kay Beardsley, Pat Smith, Dasha Morgan, Barbara Lewin, Kathering Soderquist, Sheila Horine, Nancy Togar, Robin Ramsey, Debbie Heffner and Binford Jennings.  The spokesperson for this committee, Barbara Lewin, presented their recommendation at the September general membership meeting.  We are in a position to consider carefully how best to handle our funds.

The Fundraiser last winter raised an unprecedented $105,000.00, making it possible for us to stretch our support farther than usual.  Thank you to the team led by Robin Ramsey for their remarkable job making the annual fundraising ball & auction last February a tremendous success!  It is incumbent upon us, the Board of Directors and members, to manage these funds appropriately to the best advantage of our students. 

  1. We have set aside funds to add 10 additional student stipends mid-year, making it possible for counselors to identify students that enter their schools in the fall semester that qualify for a stipend.  Counselors were asked last June by the Student Activities Chair how many additional stipends they could handle in their work load, as each requires a great deal of time on the counselors part.  Their answer was one more stipend per school (we support 10 schools in Buncombe County). The counselors added that kids also need help getting to school and to their part-time jobs, etc., asking if we could help with this issue.
  2. This dovetails into the meeting that the Endowment Committee had in June with the Homeless Liaisons from Asheville City and Buncombe County.  We invited them to come and talk to us (the Endowment ADHOC Committee) about the homeless issue in our corner of the world. There are over 250 homeless students between the ages of 14 and 19 in Buncombe County. When we asked how we might help, their answer was “transportation”.  The same answer the counselors gave 2 weeks before.    They said that there are other community foundations that assist these kids with food, shelter & clothing, but no one helps them get to school or to work.                                                                                                                                                    We have set aside funds for this “transportation aid” initiative.  Students making a concerted effort to stay in school (though often homeless or without parental support) depend upon public transportation to get to school as well as to jobs that help support them and sometimes younger siblings. Our funds would assist students with transportation.
  3. We have completed funding the UNC Asheville Core Scholarship, so no longer have as a budget item an annual payment of $5,000 but instead can ‘claim this scholarship as our own’, as we are now fully endowed in this scholarship program.
  4. The Endowment Committee recommends establishing a fund with the WNC Community Foundation that would have a two-fold value.  One, an established fund would exist for our student’s ongoing help, which will transcend economic and political changes in our world, making certain that decades from now, the CWL will continue to help disadvantaged students of Buncombe County. Secondly, this endowment fund would serve as a testamentary gift vehicle. One may leave assets to this fund, knowing that their gift will continue to support students in perpetuity. It has always been possible to include the CWL in one’s will, but as an endowment fund with the Community Foundation, we would have the value of the foundations’ large investment base, with which we automatically become associated, and thereby enjoy an average 12% annual growth, as well as their above average financial oversight.  Oversight of this caliber is an enormous value, especially since our membership is fluid, ever changing, and consistency of over-sight is something the committee deems especially important.
  5. Our CWL member, Sallie Broach, has introduced us to a program at UNC Asheville called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Already in existence at the university, and often having several students who were previously in our stipend program during their high school years, this program serves as a stepping stone into the bigger world of university living for these young people.  Providing cultural, social & day-to-day guidance on things we take for granted like balancing a check-book, living by a budget, experiencing teamwork of clubs & groups, and thereby becoming civic minded. These are just a few things AVID introduces to their members. These are life changing skills.  All this, done in the safe-haven of the “AVID Group’, the students are embraced together from day one at the university, providing an inclusive feeling, so that they do not remain in a solitary orbit, but instead are given a ‘place’, a feeling of belonging in their new college world. The CWL hopes to commit support to this endeavor for one year, at which time our board of directors and membership will reassess if we wish to continue another year.

Please read reports below from our committee chairs who wish to bring you up to date on their committee’s work! Onward and upward! We owe you all a huge thank you for volunteering to make the lives of students more enriched and hopeful.

Sincere thanks,
Binford Jennings
CWL President, 2017-2018


Student Activities Committee
A Sturdy Book Bag Carries More Weight than Books
By: Nancy Waldrop, Student Activities Chair

The new school year is off to a busy start for the Student Activities Committee.  We have taken on a new project, initiated by a direct request from High School Counselors at the June Counselors’ Coffee, for sturdy durable book bags which will not tear up after a month of lugging around high school textbooks, and also, snacks for students who are often hungry due to a lack of food to eat.  To accomplish these two “most need” requests, the SAC has set a goal of acquiring 50 book bags and is asking CWL members to voluntarily do one of the following to help:

  • Purchase a sturdy durable book bag on your own (generally costing $40 or more to get the more durable bags) and bring it to the October 3rd CWL meeting. CWL/SAC will take these bags to the counselors the next day @ the annual UNCA/CWL High School Counselors and Principals Breakfast.
  • OR...send in a donation to CWL via personal check, cash, or online donation/CWL website for any amount. 
  • IF you make a donation of $50.00, CWL will be able to purchase a durable book bag @ a discounted, tax free price of $47.00 from/thanks to Diamond Brand Outdoors, with $3.00 left over to purchase snacks to fill the bags and replenish them throughout the year as needed.  IF you choose to donate the $50.00 online, you will see a BOOK BAG donation button for this purpose, and also be aware a $2.50 processing fee will be needed/added. A special thank you to DIAMOND BRAND OUTDOORS for their willingness to help make this project happen.
  • IF you would like to contribute a lesser amount, it will be used to purchase snacks or be combined with other contribution $$ to create another book bag purchase.
  • IF making a donation by check, please indicate whether you wish the donation to be used for snacks, book bag...and the # of book bags if contributing for more than one.
  • This is a VOLUNTARY effort only.  No donation is required.
If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Waldrop, SAC Chair:, 828-778-4186
Your help with this project is GREATLY appreciated!
The SAC has already presented 5 special requests which have been approved as follows:
  • Early College: request for AB TECH PSY text book
  • Middle College: request for clothing for student in need
  • Enka High School: request funds for  choral gowns/tuxedos for choral students in financial need
  • Asheville High School:  request for funds to take first generation college bound students on AVID College Tours.

All of these requests can be met due to your generosity, caring, and desire “to promote the education and welfare for disadvantaged students of Buncombe County. “  Thank you!
Just received the exciting news we met and exceeded our book bag goal for the October 3rd meeting!!!!!  We have over 50 book bags to deliver to the Counselors at our UNCA /CWL Appreciation Breakfast on October 4th!

Thanks SO much to everyone who participated in this effort!  A very special thanks to Diamond Brand for being such a great community partner and to Shelia Elingburg for the extra efforts she put into making this idea a reality.  The Counselors and the Students who receive these bags are going to be thrilled!

THANK YOU, CWL Members for continuing to make a difference ....because it does matter and it’s not too late to donate if you’d like to support and help us exceed our goal.

Financial Snapshot
By: Debbie Heffner, Finance Chair

August Highlights
  • Received Solicitation License from the State of NC
  • Received donations in memorial of Richard G. Jennings
  • Received 3 Special Requests from counselors

                                    Looking Ahead

  • Meet with accountant for tax return
  • Pay off $15,000 CORE Scholarship
  • Sept./Oct. stipends go out at end of September

Save The Date for The Asheville Spring Gala, Saturday, April 21, 2018

By: Shelia Elingburg, Ways and Means Chair

On August 28, our Ways and Means Committee and the Advisory Committee members met for our inaugural ‘meet and greet’ gathering. New members got to know each other and the Advisory Committee members had the opportunity to talk to each new member to determine their interests, talents, and skills as we initiate the planning of The Asheville Spring Gala. Monthly committee meetings begin on October 2nd with scheduled meetings on the first Monday of each month leading up to our event next April. New members will receive their committee assignments and the detailed planning will officially begin at the October meeting.

Ours Ways and Means Committee members are excited about this fundraising project we have ahead of us. We will be asking all CWL members to participate in various ways with us as we create our beautiful Spring Gala which will allow us to continue our mission of promoting the education and improving the welfare of disadvantaged students in Asheville and Buncombe County.
Support Our Students (SOS)

By: Anita Metcalf, Chair

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Support Our Students (SOS) Fund.  To date, we have received donations from 28 Active members, 35 Associate members and 1 friend.  This is the internal fundraising effort by active and associate members of Children’s Welfare League. It is these monies that support our Special Requests Fund – a fund that is available to all students in our ten high schools in Asheville City and Buncombe County who have critical needs as determined by the schools counselors and/or social workers.  In the past we have assisted with items such as clothing, rent, gas money, college visits, college registrations to mention only a few.  We hope you will join us in this effort. 
Please send donations to Anita Metcalf, 221 Liberty Road, Candler, NC 28715 or go to the CWL website at and donate on line by clicking the donate button.
Note: Please make sure to include names of those you wish to honor or to remember with your donation and how you would like them to be acknowledged.  Mailing addresses of those you wish to acknowledge will be appreciated. 
SOS Donors
As of September 20
Ann Gray – in memory of Richard Jennings and Kathryn Warner     
Barbara Lewin – in honor of Bobbie Blackburn’s Birthday    
Bea Russell – in memory Kathryn Warner
Debby Wolcott – in memory of Richard Jennings
Dell Bromley, and Charlotte Carlisle  
Glenda Bailey – in memory Richard Jennings and Kathryn Warner
Jackie Davidson – in memory of her parents, Angela Masci, Terry Robinson
Jane Smith – in memory of Richard Jennings                                               
Julie Northup – in honor of Josephine Chromy
Lee Mynatt – in honor of Anna Hughes
Linda Sarubbi – in honor of Barbara Tully
Nancy Young – in honor of Binford Jennings and Board
Peggy Beaman – in memory of Kathryn Warner
Rebecca Jackson – Friend of Cindy Towson                                    
Rebecca York – in memory of Peggy White,                           
Sandra Byrd – in memory of Richard Jennings and in honor of Binford Jennings         
Yvonne Smith – in memory of Kathryn Warner
Anita Metcalf                                                                                      
Ann Babcock                                                                                      
Ann Ponder
Anna and Kerry Friedman                                                                  
Anna Hughes
Anne Robinson
Betsy Rhodes                                                                             
Carolyn Moore                                                                       
Carolyn Warren
Charlene Price                                                                                   
Cindy Towson
Debbie Heffner
Deborah Williams                                                                               
Diane Arnold                                                                                      
Dianne Weaver                                                                                  
Elizabeth Boys                                                                                   
Emily Freeman
Gene Lu Maynard
Grace Unruh                                                              
Jane Isbey
Janice Southerland                
Jeanne Cummings                                                                             
Jeannie Davis            
Julie Smith
Kay Finger
Kay Goodman
Lelia Cort                                                                                            
Linda Ferguson                                                                                  
Lucy Borland                                                                                      
Lucy Wheeler
Margaret Payne
Mary Ann Warlick                                                                               
Mary Hornowski                                                                                 
Mary Sandridge
Michele Heller                        
Mollie McGirt
Monica Turbyfill                                                                                              
Rebecca Newcomer
Rhoda Groce                                                                                      
Robin Ramsey
Ruth Barnhardt                                                                                   
Sandra Beverly
Sandra Teach
Sheila Elingburg
Sheila Horine
Shelley White                                                                                                 
Sue McClinton
Sylvia Greenwood
Traci Silver                                                                                      

Run the Forest 5 K

By: Kay Beardsley

[Run the Forest participants]

On a beautiful Saturday morning, 250 participated in the run and walk for Asheville Eye Associates 5th annual run, a major corporate sponsor this year. We are grateful to our corporate partner Asheville Eye Associates employees for hosting the 5th annual Run the Forest 5K to raise funds for Children’s Welfare League.
Thanks also to CWL volunteers and participants: Binford Jennings, Shelia Elingburg, Sheila Horine, Debbie Heffner, Joanna Best and her 2 boys, Maria Pilos, Patricia Paulk, Pat Godbold, Laura Livingstain, Beverly Burt, Dianne Arnold, and Glenda Bailey. This was a unique opportunity to spread the word about our mission. What a fun way to raise funds and awareness of CWL!
We will have another opportunity to partner with Asheville Eye later this month. They will be holding a Halloween Fall Festival Tuesday, October 31st in their parking lot. Bring a friend to the cookout to help CWL. There will be opportunities to volunteer as well – costumes welcome! More details to follow.

[Members shared information about CWL at our table during the Run the Forest]

Special Report:
Endowment Committee Recommendations and Report
                                                                Use of Excess Funds

By: Barbara Lewin

Please read the snapshot report below to support voting during the membership meeting.

CFWNC Endowment – NPO (Nonprofit Organization) – Initial gift $25,000
  • Minimum permanent balance of $25,000
  • Principal and income available to support the organization
  • Organization determines policy for use of principal
  • Organization determines spending policy if desired
  • Advantages: growth rate of money, financial oversight, vehicle for
  • Testamentary gifts from members
Homeless Students - $10,000 earmarked specifically for transportation aid for
Homeless high school students
  • Coordinated through County and City School Systems’ Homeless Liaisons
  • Specific need identified by Liaisons as to how CWL can be most effective
  • Can work within existing CWL mission, policies and systems to accomplish
  • Advantage: immediate and effective impact with zero overhead

AVID – (Advancement Via Individual Determination) For Higher Education
Program - $2000
  • Provides last dollar scholarship funds for first generation (and /or minority),
  • underserved student population accepted to attend college at UNC-A
  • Provides funding not available otherwise to population often prevented
  • from attending a university, even though accepted
  • Designed to remove institutional barriers to success
  • Highly organized program with excellent results per historical data
  • Advantages: no long term commitment or set amount for CWL
  • Year by year decision as to making contribution
  • Impact for population served by CWL: students from any
  • Buncombe County or Asheville City high school
  • Can work within CWL existing mission, policies and systems

Reserve $3000 for potential increase of 10 students to CWL Stipend Program
midway through 2017-2018 year.

Total: $40,000



                       CALENDER ITEMS
  • October 3: CWL General Membership Meeting  at The Country Club of Asheville, 11:45-1:30
  • October 4: UNC Asheville Counselor Appreciation Breakfast, 7:30-9:00 am
  • October 31:  Halloween Fall Festival at Asheville Eye Associates, 8 Medical Park Drive, Time to be determined at a later date.  Cookout included.
  • November 3: Membership Meeting Speakers- School Counselors (& Member Craft Sale)
  • April 21, 2018: The Asheville Spring Gala


What We Do

Since it's founding over 75 years ago the Children's Welfare League of Asheville has held one common purpose: to improve the lives and education of the children of Buncombe County. Today we support 224 promising but financially vulnerable high school students by providing them much-needed monthly stipends. We give emergency funding to students identified by high school social workers. We fund endowed scholarships at the University of North Carolina Asheville and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College so local students can achieve the dream of continuing their education.

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Keep on sharing the great work of the CWL!
Amanda Bryant and Shelley White
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To promote the education and welfare of disadvantaged students of Buncombe County.

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