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Energy drink consumption and oral health
We often hear about the health risks of soda, including increased risk of cavities. This is associated with sugar, which feeds harmful oral bacteria, causing them to thrive and begin forming plaque. The acid produced by bacteria softens and eventually erodes enamel; leading to the pits that we call cavities. Many people ask why soda is more harmful than other sugary foods and drinks, and the answer is acid. These drinks, even sugar-free soda, tend to be highly acidic, which can soften enamel almost immediately on contact, accelerating the process of decay.

Although drinking soda has been associated with a doubled risk of cavities in children, it may not be the worst drink choice. There is a common misconceptions that energy drinks are a healthy alternative to soda, though they typically have even more sugar and acid. According to WHO (the World Health Organization) an average energy drink has more sugar than the maximum recommended daily intake.

The healthiest choice for your teeth and the rest of your body is water. It is healthy, hydrating, and actually improves oral health by washing away bacteria and food particles. If you choose to consume soda, energy drinks, or other sugary and acidic substances, avoid the common mistake of brushing too soon. Rinse your mouth immediately after you finish, but wait about 30-60 minutes before brushing so the enamel has time to re-harden. Even a soft toothbrush can damage enamel that has been softened by acid.
Beware of a dangerous new trend: DIY orthodontics
There are many reasons to straighten your teeth, and you have many orthodontic options to choose from. However, one option in particular may do more harm than good. A new trend of mail order do-it-yourself ortho is emerging, and it is quite worrisome to health experts.

Small elastics dubbed “gap bands” are being sold online, with great promises and few warnings. The bands are placed tightly around gapped teeth, with the intention of moving them closer together over time. Many people are led to believe they are safe, because they are similar to attachments used in dental offices. However, there are many risks that you may not be aware of:
  • Causing tooth movement without a treatment plan dictating the direction of movement, the effort could be unsuccessful or even exacerbate the problem.
  • Unlike professional orthodontics, there is nothing to prevent elastic from working under the gum and causing damage that can result in tooth loss.
  • If you are allergic to latex or other ingredients in the bands, you could have a serious reaction.
  • Even if teeth are successfully moved, they will not stay unless you wear a dental retainer.
Don’t take chances. If you want straighter and more beautiful teeth, call us.
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" The whole staff was great. I am very afraid of the dentist and I was treated with so much patience I couldnt believe it. Please just keep up the good work for people like me and everyone else. God bless you all. "

~ Cynthia M. Woods
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