November Newsletter 2015
Dental care is not just about teeth
Everyone loves the fresh feeling and sparking brilliance of cleaned and polished teeth. Unfortunately, everyone has a busy schedule, and all-too-often, dental appointments are deemed optional. In reality, oral care is vital, not only for your teeth but also for your overall health, as evidenced by a recent study from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.

Researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 1,000 individuals comparing a variety of risk factors. According to their findings, patients afflicted with severe gum disease were three times as likely to suffer a stroke and twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack as individuals with good oral health.

This study is part of a growing body of evidence indicating that good dental care and healthy oral hygiene habits can have benefits far beyond fresh breath and a dazzling smile.
What you should know about teeth whitening
One of the most popular dental treatments is teeth whitening. There is also a vast array of DIY whitening products available in retail stores across the country. It might be tempting to pick up a whitener at the store and skip the dental consultation, but there are a few things you should be aware of:
  • Retail products have a lower concentration of bleach than professional products do.
  • Harsh abrasive toothpastes may remove surface stains, but they can also damage tooth enamel.
  • Whitening can aggravate tooth sensitivity, but your dentist can recommend the gentlest formula for a more comfortable experience. Some whiteners include ingredients to minimize sensitivity.
  • Professional teeth cleaning prior to whitening yields better, more uniform results because it removes the biofilm from teeth.
  • If you have any questions, please give us a call.
Patient Reviews
You’re doing a great job! I actually love coming to the dentist. Your staff is extremely supportive to my needs and they are really friendly. Every time I am coming in, they greet me and I feel they know my name because they care for their patients. I know I am important to them. A lot of doctors’ offices I have gone to before don’t remember my name. They were very supportive in the fact that I work almost full-time, go to college, and I am paying for my braces by myself. They worked out an awesome payment schedule for me and it is extremely helpful. I like to know I will have a perfect smile by the time I am done with my braces and it’s all thanks to the Smile Center. It’s a great place to go when it comes to dental care!"

~ Brittany D.
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