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DIY gone too far: Experts warn against a dangerous new trend
The internet, with its endless wealth of information, ideas, and “insider secrets,” has spawned a generation of do-it-yourselfers. Now you can cook, clean, repair, or build nearly anything just like the experts – but there are limits. When it comes to your health, YouTube is the wrong place to look for help.

Unfortunately, a trend of DIY orthodontics is emerging, and it is causing people to damage their teeth, sometimes permanently. A number of instructional videos and blogs have appeared, claiming to teach you how to straighten your teeth without a dentist or orthodontist. Some promote the use of household products such as rubber bands and wire, while others are selling elastics and similar implements.

This type of so-called “orthodontics” can damage teeth and gums, increasing the risk of oral disease, cavities, and other problems. Because pressure is applied indiscriminately, often at poor angles, teeth can become loose and even fall out. DIY orthodontics can easily become DIY extractions!

This is just another example of how unofficial medical “advice” on the internet can be misleading and hazardous. If you have any dental concerns, don’t take chances – call us.
Why oral cancer rates are rising, and how you can protect yourself
Periodontal (gum) disease has been a hot topic in health news in recent years, with increasing evidence of its connection to diabetes, heart disease, and other life-threatening medical conditions. However, it is not the only serious oral disease. Oral cancer takes three times more lives than cervical cancer.

One of the greatest and most avoidable risk factors is tobacco use. For this reason, oral cancer is often considered a risk of smoking. However, the number of cases among nonsmokers, particularly young adults, is rising. This is primarily associated with the HPV virus, which can be sexually transmitted.

The best defense against oral cancer is early detection. Like other forms of cancer, the prognosis is highly dependent on how soon treatment begins. The disease is most often discovered during a dental checkup, which is one of many reasons that regular visits are vital.
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"You’re doing a great job! I actually love coming to the dentist. Your staff is extremely supportive to my needs and they are really friendly. Every time I am coming in, they greet me and I feel they know my name because they care for their patients. I know I am important to them. A lot of doctors’ offices I have gone to before don’t remember my name. They were very supportive in the fact that I work almost full-time, go to college, and I am paying for my braces by myself. They worked out an awesome payment schedule for me and it is extremely helpful. I like to know I will have a perfect smile by the time I am done with my braces and it’s all thanks to the Smile Center. It’s a great place to go when it comes to dental care!" ~ Brittany D.
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