October Newsletter 2015
What you should know about lemon water
If you try to understand oral health, you probably know that acidic substances are generally bad for your teeth. They can soften tooth enamel, allowing decay to set in. If you follow the latest health trends, you probably know that lemon water, especially consumed in the morning, has been credited with a wide variety of health benefits. Of course, you want a healthy smile AND a healthy body, so you may be wondering if lemons are a bit counterproductive.

The good news is that lemon-water is absolutely safe for your teeth, providing you follow a couple of simple guidelines. First, remember that lemon water is highly diluted juice. If you are attempting to eat lemons or use undiluted juice, you are likely to damage your teeth (not to mention the indigestion). Second, be sure to rinse your mouth with plain water afterwards.

As far as the health benefits of lemon water, they are largely unproven. However, we know that lemon, like other citrus, is an excellent source of disease-fighting vitamin C. If done properly, your morning lemon-water could actually benefit your oral health.
Stoptober: Stop smoking, start smiling!
Do you smoke? If so, now is a great time to stop. In fact, Stoptober, the stop smoking challenge, is becoming an international phenomena. The premise is simple: Make a commitment to yourself. Decide this is the beginning of the end for your habit, and enjoy the health benefits!

We would like to remind you that one of those benefits is improved oral health. Did you know that smoking makes you more susceptible to gum disease, tooth loss, cancers, and many other conditions? It also inhibits healing, making recovery from any procedure more challenging. Research has shown that individuals who successfully complete a one-month challenge are more likely to kick the habit for good!
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