December Newsletter 2014
5 tips to keep you smiling through the holiday season
'Tis the season for sweet treats, festive meals, and hurried days that might leave you tempted to skip the floss or rush through brushing. This can be a recipe for trouble for your teeth. What can you do?
  1. Teeth are not nutcrackers - Yes, teeth are hard enough to crack a nut. Unfortunately, many nuts are hard enough to crack a tooth. Don't take the chance.

  2. Teeth are not bottle openers – When you're in a hurry, it might be tempting to open a bottle or package with your teeth. However, this can lead to painful tooth damage.

  3. Caramel is not your friend – You can minimize sugar-related damage by rinsing with water promptly after eating, and practicing good hygiene. However, sticky candies tend to cling to teeth, even if you've eaten other things or rinsed your mouth.

  4. Don't skip dental appointments – You may be busy, but dental care is not the place to trim your schedule.

  5. Choose snacks wisely – Is there a cheese platter at the office party? Some celery sticks on the veggie tray? Remember, calcium rich foods, and crunchy raw vegetables are good for oral health.
Berry white teeth? Sounds great, if only it worked…
Professional tooth whitening is safe, convenient, and economical, but everyone is open to a better way to do anything. Naturally, many people took an interest when stories began circulating about an organic whitener that you could make at home, for just a few cents. According to some of the internet's self-proclaimed experts, a mixture of baking soda and strawberry (or other fruit) could rival professional whitening products. Unfortunately, the claims did not hold up when tested.

Researchers at University of Iowa tested the concoction, as compared to professional and over-the-counter whitening products. The teeth treated with berries and baking soda showed no measurable improvement in color after ten days of treatment. Even more concerning, it softened surface enamel by an average of ten percent. While whitening from the fruit bowl may sound tempting, research confirms that professional whitening is the best way to make you smile sparkle this holiday season.
Patient Reviews
" You're doing a great job! I actually love coming to the dentist. Your staff is extremely supportive to my needs and they are really friendly. Every time I am coming in, they greet me and I feel they know my name because they care for their patients. I know I am important to them. A lot of doctors' offices I have gone to before don't remember my name. They were very supportive in the fact that I work almost full-time, go to college, and I am paying for my braces by myself. They worked out an awesome payment schedule for me and it is extremely helpful. I like to know I will have a perfect smile by the time I am done with my braces and it's all thanks to the Smile Center. It's a great place to go when it comes to dental care!"

~ Brittany D

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