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What we’ve learned about periodontal disease

Just a decade ago, few people took this disease seriously. However, with extensive scientific research, we have learned a great deal about the condition, its connection to the entire body, and the serious risks of leaving it untreated.

We now know that oral disease risks far more than your teeth. Extensive research has shown connections to a wide variety of systemic health conditions, particularly those involving chronic inflammation. As this research continues, we are developing an ever-deepening understanding of the importance of maintaining oral health. Some of the most recent discoveries, from research conducted within the last 12 months, include:

  • Approximately half of all heart attacks may be triggered by oral pathogens
  • Treatment of periodontal disease may slow or reverse the development of the CIMT, which is an indication of risk for heart attack or stroke
  • A type of oral bacteria called P. gingivalis, increases a person’s heart attack risk by approximately 13 times, which is double the risk of a heavy smoker
  • Periodontal disease is as significant of a risk factor for strokes as high blood pressure
Trend alert: White (smile) wedding

The wedding day is one of the most anticipated moments in most people’s lifetime. While the flowers may soon fade, the cake be eaten, and the candles burn out, the magical moment and glowing newlywed smiles will live on for eternity in cherished photographs and videos. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most popular trends in cosmetic dentistry is pre-wedding teeth whitening.

According to a recent survey, over one quarter of all brides-to-be intend to whiten their teeth before their wedding day. However, the trend is not limited to brides. Approximately 20% of all grooms to be also intend to whiten their smiles.

The trend is not reserved for the happy couple only, as the bridesmaids, best man, wedding guests, and others in attendance want to look their best in these very important photos. Additionally, there is a growing trend of other cosmetic dental work such as straightening crooked teeth, replacing missing teeth, or replacing old visible dental work. As the affordability and availability of cosmetic dentistry continues to improve, it looks like the new trend of a beautiful smile as a must-have wedding accessory is here to stay.
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