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Rwanda has better gender-based equality than each of the G8 countries

The Global Gender Gap Index (GGGI) quantifies gender-based equality in health, education, economy and politics in 142 countries. In her debut appearance on the GGGI (2014), Rwanda has emerged the 7th most gender balanced country in the world and the best in Africa. Overall, 13 African countries including Mozambique and Kenya have have better gender parity  than the BRIC nations. Research shows that Gender equality strengthens long-term economic development hence gender-based equality is important for Africa's development.
One of the four components of the GGGI is the level of Economic Participation and Opportunity available to both genders. Sub-Saharan Africa is the second best performing region (after North America) in this category. Four of the top 10 countries in this category are from SSA and they outperform several leading economies including Denmark, Sweden and Finland, among many others. Another component of the GGGI is Political Empowerment across genders and Rwanda ranks 6th best in the world and 1st in Africa.
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