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Kenya has a greater
e-Governance participation rate than Sweden

The United Nations E-Government Development Index (EGDI) quantifies the level of ICT usage (on a scale of 0 to 1) by governments in 193 countries when  providing public services. Led by Tunisia, Africa’s top 6 countries on the EGDI (in descending order) include Mauritius, Egypt, Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa and they each rank higher than India and the world average.  In 32 (58%) of Africa’s 54 countries, EGDI scores have improved since 2003 with Egypt (115%), Ethiopia (103%) and Morocco (91%) as the 3 most improved.
E-Participation Index (EPI) is a sub-index of the EGDI and it measures the level at which citizens engage government using ICT tools on issues of public interest. Kenya and Tunisia rank in the top 50 list of the EPI and outperform both Sweden and India. Morocco leads Africa and ranks 18th globally, outperforming many advanced countries including Germany, Italy and the BRIC countries. With Africa’s growing mobile broadband and smartphone market E-participation levels are expected to rise quickly across Africa.
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