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The internet’s contribution to Africa’s GDP is projected to grow by over 1500% to $300B by 2025

McKinsey’s iGDP measures the internet’s contribution to an economy as a percentage of GDP. In 2012, Africa’s iGDP was estimated to be more than US$18 billion (1.1% of Africa’s GDP) and estimated to increase by 1567% to US$300 billion (10% of Africa’s GDP) by 2025. This assumes that the internet’s impact will be at levels similar to mobile phones. A more cautious baseline projection has Africa’s iGDP rising to between 5% and 6% of Africa’s GDP, which is at par with today’s leading tech-driven economies such as Sweden (6.4%) and Taiwan (5.4%).  
Africa’s internet penetration today stands at 16% (167 million users) but is growing rapidly and is poised to reach 50% (600 million users) by 2025, thanks to falling prices for internet capable devices and the proliferation of mobile network expansion projects across the continent. The increased internet connectivity will bring opportunities to transform Africa’s financial, education, health, retail, agriculture and government sectors.  By 2025, the health sector stands to benefit the most from online education and real-time data sharing, among other things.
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