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Rwanda has a more effective parliament than Germany, France or the United States  

Data from the WEF’s Global Information Technology Report (2014) reveals that South Africa (4.8), Rwanda (4.8) and Mauritius (4.5) have the three most developed legal systems relating to the use of ICTs in Africa, and these three countries outperform China (4.3), India (4.2),  Brazil (4.2), and Russia (3.5) – scores range from 1 (Low) to 7 (High). The WEF report also finds that Rwanda’s parliament, as a law making body, is the most effective in Africa and ranked 9th in the world, beating Germany (11th), France (29th) and the USA (58th).
Judicial independence (freedom from influence by members of government, citizens or firms in carrying out duties)  is stronger in South Africa and Botswana than it is in the United States, India or China. These statistics showcase some of many positive results of Africa’s anti-corruption drive. As a result, private businesses in South Africa and Rwanda enjoy Africa’s best legal frameworks for settling disputes and outperform the BRIC nations as well as developed countries like the United States and France among others. 
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