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Primary school enrollment in Sub-Saharan Africa is growing at double the global growth rate

As Africa’s demographic bulge continues to take center stage, the need for a literate African labour force is set to increase. The latest data from UNESCO reveals that Sao Tome & Principe, Swaziland and Namibia lead Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in public expenditure on education measured as a % of GNP. Since 2000, the majority of countries in SSA have increased their expenditure on education such that 67% of have exceeded the minimum education spending target of 4% of GNP. SSA’s top 10 spenders exceed the new minimum target of spending an equivalent of 6% of GNP on education.
By end of 2015, Primary School enrollment rates in SSA will have increased the most among all world regions since 2000 to reach 79%. A 23% primary school enrollment increment is expected to be realized by end 2015 with South and West Asia (17%) and Arab States (10%) as the nearest competitors. This growth will be more than double the 10% world average. The issue of quality education in SSA remains but African governments and stakeholders have increased efforts to provide better quality education to citizens and capitalizing on ICT related innovations.
Data: UNESCO - Education for All (2000 to 2015) 
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