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Nigeria & South Africa offer better trade & customs regulations than India or Brazil

Trade data from the World Bank’s (WB) Enterprise Survey (2014) of 130,000+ firms in 135 countries reveals that sales for export constitute a higher proportion of total sales for Moroccan (23.5%) and Kenyan (11%) firms as compared to Korean (6.9%), Chinese (5.4%) and German (4.9%) firms. In addition, Ghana (3.8%) beats India (3.7%) and Brazil (0.8%) in the same category. These statistics partially  demonstrate Africa’s capacity and potential to produce export quality goods and services which can compete on the international market.
A low proportion of the surveyed firms in South Africa (1.9%) and Nigeria (5%) indicated customs and trade regulations as major constraints to their export business - a proportion lower than that of Spain (6.3%), Israel (6.5%), India (8.1%) and Brazil (29.2%). The WB’s World Development Indicators support South Africa’s performace, noting that only 5 documents are required to export goods which is less than Brazil’s 6 and India’s 7. Rwanda also requires less paperwork for export than China.
Data: WB Enterprise Survey on Trade
WB – Documents to Export
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