This provides an update on World Vision water efforts to address the global water crisis.
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Forbes Highlights Where You Should Invest if You Want to Change the World
Here’s our newsletter to start the holidays and close out 2016. With your invaluable support,  we’ll reach more people in 2016 with clean water than World Vision has ever reached before. This Christmas season will be more cheerful for literally millions of people due to the efforts of World Vision staff working alongside our partners and with the support of our donors. We are very thankful for you and wish you a blessed Christmas.
Dave and Dana Dornsife are the primary focus of a comprehensive review of all the recent big bets in philanthropy in the December 20th issue of Forbes. A panel of 10 independent judges was convened by Forbes and Brigespan to evaluate nearly 60 gifts of $25 million or more. The Dornsifes recent gift to World Vision of $40 million for World Vision's Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Program not only was ranked in the Top 5, but Forbes used the Dornsife's as the focal point to explain how their gift excelled in each of the six criteria used by the panel to determine the gifts most likely to have the highest social impact and move the needle in changing the world.

The panel's criteria for both degree of realism and role of philanthropy to move the needle were met by World Vision's successful track record of increasing the number of water beneficiaries by 10-fold since 2015 as well as our new commitment, backed-up with a comprehensive business plan, to scale-up to reach one new person with clean water every 10 seconds by 2020. The criteria for both an ambitious goal and clarity of desired results were met by World Vision's plan to finish the job by providing clean water to everyone, everywhere we work by 2030 and thereby play a leading role in solving the global water crisis. What could be more ambitious, while at the same time achievable, than solving the global water crisis everywhere we work! 

The panel also evaluated the gifts for the extent to which learning and improvement were built into the gift, and our recently announced six-year partnership with the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina as well as capacity building programs with Drexel and Desert Research Institute gave World Vision high marks in this area. Finally, we're thrilled that the judges gave the gift to World Vision the highest score amongst any of the top gifts for the donor-grantee relationship based in some part on hosting the Dornsifes on an annual trip to see first-hand the results of their gift in transforming lives.

This article is a great tool to share with people who may be interested in making a significant impact with their philanthropic investments since the independent panel convened by Forbes rated investment with World Vision to solve the global water crisis as one of the world's best big bets.

Congratulations to Procter & Gamble for providing the 11 billionth liter of clean drinking water with the P&G packets given to a family in Haiti as part of relief efforts for Hurricane Matthew.
Foster the People Rocks a World Vision Well
Mark Foster, Isom Innis, Carlson Young, Jamal Waswa, Izzi Innis, and John Karna in Uganda for a water celebration
I had the pleasure of summiting Mt Kilimanjaro as part of “Summit on the Summit Kilimanjaro” with Mark Foster from the band Foster the People, the band made famous by the award-winning song “Pumped up Kicks.” This climb was organized to raise awareness about the global water crisis, which it did successfully. It also built a connection between World Vision and “Foster the People” that brought a reliable source of clean water to a community in Uganda.
Izzi Innis, sister of Foster band member, Isom Innis, met George, a young boy, while volunteering at a clinic in Uganda (Photo: Izzi and George at the Water Celebration in 2016). Like many people in his community, George was having difficulties related to unclean water. Izzi contacted me to see if World Vision could provide a water well in George’s community. In order to help get clean water to George and his neighbors, Foster the People participated in the social media effort, Water Now, supporting World Vision water in raising awareness and funds to address the global water crisis. That effort reached more than 1 billion people, and was the largest social media effort ever supporting the UN’s World Water Day. And, I’m thrilled to say that it was also successful in raising funds for a new water well for George’s community.

Foster the People recently visited George and the community benefitting from the new clean water source. In addition to Izzi and her brother Isom, they were joined by Mark Foster, from the band, and Carlson Young, Isom’s fiancé and acclaimed actress in MTV’s TV series “Scream.” Izzi told me, “This trip was truly life changing for all of us. I’m so grateful for the hard work by World Vision and that George and his community now have clean water.” You can view the celebration as the community receives clean water here.
                   George in October 2016                                    Daniel Windsor and child at Water Celebration
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