Work of Your Hand provides fair wage jobs to impoverished artisans in Southeast Asia to help restore dignity, hope, and the knowledge of their immeasurable worth.
Christmas is a season to remember how often God begins His work of redemption in small, seemingly insignificant ways: 

Like when He declared the birth of His Son to a group of poor social outcasts tending their flocks over 2,000 years ago--and like today, when He sees the struggles of people who are so often overlooked and gives them a way out of poverty.

Shirley is one of those people that poverty sought to dehumanize, but whom God saw and lifted up.

Despite many years of experience and her skill as a seamstress, the Filipino woman was struggling to find work.

Shirley's husband worked hard as a city transit driver, but their wages could not provide for their family's needs. 

On top of that, their young children needed care, which limited Shirley's ability to search for work further from home. 

But God saw not just her struggles, but also her talent and abilities. We were honoured to be part of HIs work in Shirley's life to empower her to provide for her family.

The seamstress was first introduced to us through her local church in the Philippines, and we were amazed by her skills. 

We soon learned that Shirley's resume included working for Adidas, and were delighted by her work transforming recycleable materials into products that we could ship to and sell in Canada. 

We weren't the only ones to benefit from Shirley's talents. 

Each time we returned to the Philippines, we learned of new ways that the woman's hard work was paying off for her family. 

The fair wages Shirley earned from sewing allowed the mother to purchase school supplies for her son, who was preparing for a year of university studies. He had also just lost his job, and Shirley financially supported him throughout his search for a new job. 

Next, the family was able to save enough to buy a washing machine. 

And then, we were excited to learn that Shirley and her family had left their small, crowded house and had a larger, brand new home just for them! 

On top of that, Shirley's son succcessfully graduated college, secured a good job, and could join the communal effort to support the family. 

Shirley's story is an amazing testament to God's redemptive work: He sees the unseen, honours what is so often ignored, and lifts up those who have been crushed by the forces of evil and pain that plague our world.

What an incredible God we serve, who brings glory to Himself while restoring dignity to those He comes alongside. Thank you for partnering with Him in that work.

Our prayer for you this Christmas season is that you will experience the wonder and restoration that comes when God intervenes in human lives:

That same wonder that sent shepherds running for Bethlehem long ago to meet the Saviour of the world;

And that same restoration that Shirley has experienced as God has intervened in her life. 

Blessings & Merry Christmas,

Darren & Minako Polischuk
Founders, Work of Your Hand

  • Purchase products made by Shirley and other artisans in the Philippines to help families continue to save, grow stable, and thrive.                                                                                              
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Prayer Corner

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors!


Lift up Darren and Minako as they spend Christmas away from family. The mission is worth the loss, but it doesn't negate the pain of distance from loved ones. 

Work of Your Hand

Please pray that God will continue to open venues for Work of Your Hand to sell our products, so that we can continue to provide fair wages and dignified work to those who need it.                                                                          


Please lift up people worldwide who do not know the hope of Christmas; pray that their eyes will be opened to the miracle of Jesus Christ.

Polischuk Update

Sewer sadai Noel!  Happy Merry Christmas as they say it in Khmer.  We have been back in Cambodia for a couple of weeks now and have joined in many Christmas celebrations in churches around our city Siem Reap and neighboring provinces. They have been beautiful celebrations where hundreds of people hear God's message instead of the 20-50 regular attenders, and they are all invited to the celebration and share in a small meal. 

In October and November, we were blessed by our time in Canada.  We spoke at many churches, was invited to missions events, and had many many meetings where we prayed, shared, and planned about what God was doing to help the poor in Cambodia and other impoverished countries in the world.  Although our bodies were tired, our hearts were encouraged as we saw many respond by supporting the poor through buying their products, donations, or by discussions on how to come and serve overseas.

The Greeting Cards and Alpha ministry also went well while we were away.  The ladies assembling greeting cards are becoming more and more attentive as they listen to God's message each time they meet. Our hope is to run the Alpha Course starting in January 2018 as well as a reading program.  Please pray with us that more ladies will gain hope and dignity even in their humbling circumstances having to scavenge for garbage.  Please also pray regarding the greeting cards as they are not selling as well this year.  If you want more information regarding the greeting cards, please email :  

Alpha is also continuing.  One church just told us how 9 people became believers through Alpha. This church has a chicken farm and the proceeds are used to help support Alpha at their church so that many many people will learn about how much God loves them.

We are also raising support for the Center for Vocational Transformation Communities.  Please be in prayer for that and contact us in how you can get involved.  
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