Work of Your Hand provides fair wage jobs to impoverished artisans in Southeast Asia to help restore dignity, hope, and the knowledge of their immeasurable worth.
With the natural world fully blooming in Canada, we can't help but be reminded of our great God's artistic ability--and the fact that He's placed that gift in people like Kan.

This young Cambodian woman has an eye for beauty and design. We discovered it soon after meeting her, though her day-to-day life does not have space for artistic expression.

Kan lives in a poor village, where her days consist of 10 or more hours of manual labour in Cambodia's sweltering heat.

Far from donning shorts and a tank top to cool down, Kan covers up with long sleeves, pants, a hat, and a scarf to cover her nose--all in an effort to protect her from the rotting trash that she sifts through hour after hour for items she can sell for profit.

Kan makes less than $1 a day--and lives most of her life without opportunities to express the artistic talent God has placed in her. 

But we were blessed to catch a glimpse of that gift when we arrived in Kan's village last year to teach villagers how to make greeting cards. 

Our primary goal was (and still is) to equip those villagers with a skill that they can turn into a fair, safe job. But we were excited to discover that, though the wage was certainly helpful for Kan, the chance to express her artistic abiltiies was also a wonderful opportunity for the young woman.

You see, Work of Your Hand has never been just about employment. Our mission is so much bigger than that. 

How so, you may ask?

The employment we offer is a message to each person we employ: of their worth, of the money they deserve for their labour, of their right to be able to access a safe work space, and of their innate value as human beings made in God's image. 

The beautiful reality about being made in God's image is that we get to reflect Him, each of us in our unique ways. 

And Kan is a powerful reminder that our God is an Artist. She demonstrates that reality by simply expressing her gift in the world. 

Kan is also a reminder that people in poverty don't lack ability--simply opportunity. 

Each artisan that we see succeed is further proof that God's word was trustworthy when He promised to:

Our prayer is that more and more people in poverty will have opportunities to express the beauty God has placed in each of them.

Thank you for joining us in honouring them and creating opportunities for them to thrive.


Darren & Minako Polischuk
Founders, Work of Your Hand

  • Purchase a carefully hand-sewn pillow cover to add an accent to your living room, and help artisans in Laos continue to practice their traditional handicraft. Click the link above to peruse a variety of colours and patterns.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Donate to our "Where Most Needed" Fund, so when life's storms wipe out a struggling family, we have resources to help them get back on their feet.

Prayer Corner

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors!


Please pray for energy, clarity, and joy for Darren and Minako as they study hard, dedicate themselves to their ministry partners overseas, and prepare to come home in two months.

Work of Your Hand

Please lift up the short term missions team that is in Cambodia this month. 
Our prayer is that the new card-making techniques they teach our artisans will help the Cambodians we work alongside secure reliable, dignified employment. 



Please join us in thanking God for the gifts he places in each human being to reflect Himself in our world. Our prayer is that people around the world will come to know the Artist who formed them and knows them by name.

Polischuk Update

This month began with MInako's Level Five language assessment--which was the hardest one yet.

We are happy to report that she successfully passed!

We are continually grateful for how God has carried us through this year of Khmer studies, alongside our projects with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Work of Your Hand. 

Life is full! 

This month, we are also hosting a team from Foothills Alliance Church. A big part of their work will be to train our artisan team in new card-making techniques. 

We are very excited to see how these vocational skills will translate into more opportunities for the wonderful Cambodians we employ!

Thank you to all the individuals who have carved out time in their lives to come and invest in our artisans.

What a gift! 

And thank you also to all those who continue to partner with us through your prayer, financial support, and friendship.

We look forward to reconnecting with you this fall.

Mark Your Calendar

Darren and Minako will be visiting a church near you this fall; mark your calendar so that you can hear what God is doing in Southeast Asia OR click here to book them to share with your small group, bible study, and more! 

Oct 8        Harvest Hills
                 Alliance Church
Oct 15      Humboldt
                 Alliance Church
Oct 16      Wycliffe
Oct 22      Edmonton
                 Chinese Alliance
Oct 25      Foothills Alliance
                 Prime Tymer's
Oct 29      Grand Centre
                 Alliance Church
Nov 6        Westlife 
Nov 12      Innisfail Alliance
Nov 18      Foothills Alliance
Nov 19      Foothills Alliance
Nov 23      Dignify 
                 Foothills Alliance

Nov 26      Leader Alliance 


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