Work of Your Hand provides fair wages jobs to impoverished artisans in Southeast Asia to help restore dignity, hope, and the knowledge of their immeasurable worth.
As the first hints of spring began to melt the snow across Canada last month, new life entered our world halfway across the globe.

Her name is Srey.

Her mother Jo's pregnancy wasn't announced with social media posts, nor was Jo showered in gifts to prepare for her child.

The labour wasn't painstakingly monitored by doctors, nor was there cutting edge equipment on stand by in case of a crisis.

Srey's birth was quiet and for many on earth, her entrance into the world went unnoticed.

But, praise God, we know that heaven was rejoicing along with Srey's family and others in her rural Cambodian village.

And we rejoice, too.

At Work of Your Hand, we fiercely believe that each human being is immeasurably valuable--whether the world acknowledges that value or not.

That's why we partner with people whose voices are silenced and whose lives are burdened by the crushing weight of poverty.

And that's why we provide Srey's mother with regular work making Greeting Cards to earn a living wage for her family.

The money from Jo's income can pay for:

  • Nutritious food to help Srey grow strong
  • Clean water to protect the baby from life-threatening bacteria
  • Tuition for Srey's future education
  • And healthcare for this vulnerable time                in the little one's life.

We want Srey to have access to these critical services--and we want to empower Jo to provide them for her daughter.

Today, we invite you to join us.

Because the beautiful reality is that our God has given each of us the resources we need to partner with Him and to change lives.

Perhaps you're feeling moved to use your financial resources to purchase Fair Trade products.

Maybe God is calling you to cry out in prayer on behalf of the poor.

Or perhaps today, you're being called to speak up and champion the immense value of every human being, no matter if they are rich or poor.

However you are feeling led to act, this is our challenge to you today:

Do it--and act with boldness.


Because we are the people of God and we are partnering with the One who has promised:


Darren & Minako Polischuk
Founders, Work of Your Hand

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  • Purchase a Greeting Card to celebrate your mom this Mother's Day, and empower Cambodian mothers like Jo. Contact us with the card of your choice and receive a discount for bulk orders of 10 cards or more.


Prayer Corner

We are grateful for your support through prayer!


Please pray for minds that soak up the Khmer vocabulary, and hearts that are filled with more and more passion for the Cambodian people.

Work of Your Hand

Please continue to lift up our new t-shirt production, as well as our Greeting Card ministry, where we are doubling our work orders to better support families in need.


Please pray for little Srey and the countless other babies who are born into struggling families; may the Lord be their Protector and Provider.

Polischuk Update

We've been in Phnom Penh for over a month now, and have already passed our first language assessment.

Only three more levels to go before we graduate with a basic knowledge of Khmer!

Our little three room apartment has been a blessing over recent weeks, as we continue to study hard and work to become more effective in our ministry here.

One of the lessons we've learned has nothing to do with vocabulary.

In our studies, we've noticed how the Khmer language reflects the many dangers faced by people living here.

For example, we recently learned that some of the most commonly used words in Cambodia are "broken bone" and "broken head".

With dangerous work sites, few safety regulations, and little value for human lives, many people die or are exploited in this country.

That reality spurs us on to learn more, so that we can better serve these beautiful people that are so in need of Jesus.

Thank you for supporting us in our studies and ministry.

Your partnership is felt from across the globe!

Let's Talk

Do you have a church group, Bible study, or small group that wants to dig deeper into global issues and poverty?

Book Work of Your Hand.

We will send a representative to come facilitate discussion, Q&A, and a time of prayer for impoverished people around the world.

We can also set up a booth, so that your group can respond to the discussion and partner with the poor--right then and there.

Contact us to start the conversation.

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