Work of Your Hand provides fair wage jobs to impoverished artisans in Southeast Asia to help restore dignity, hope, and the knowledge of their immeasurable worth.
In the past few months, we have been awestruck at how God is able to take simple people like us and introduce us to some amazing people and provide amazing opportunity. Since we last wrote we’ve had five sets of visitors from Canada and it was wonderful to show them our ministry to see what God is doing and also take them around Siem Reap and to be encouraged by them as hopefully they were by us. We are grateful to be in Cambodia because of our partnerships with you!

In working with the poor, we are continually made aware of how little dignity they are allowed, having been forced to work horrible jobs for so little pay.  When our last visitors came in early March, wanting to create work for the poor through a sewing project, we almost cried because we knew God was answering our prayers. They saw the greeting card ministry, appreciated their quality and will be selling them in their pop-up stores in Malls around Canada.  They also requested to make draw string bags which would provide work for six ladies from the garbage dump village for many months and selling those as well, using the proceeds to help our ministry in Cambodia. The couple stayed for about 10 days and in that time we purchased 3 industrial sewing machines, rented a space close to our house, purchased thousands of meters of fabric, and then found a place that will do the screen printing and cut the fabric. 

However, we want this business to be a light in their community and within their families, with strong principles, morals and values. And so we prayed adamantly to find a Christian seamstress that is not only willing to teach the ladies how to sew the bags but to show Biblical principles of love, forgiveness, compassion, justice, hard work, fairness, and to have devotions with them every morning. And God provided! She is great! She is a pastor’s daughter, she and her husband have 7 children, and they live at the church with a total of 26 other people.  She has taught many ladies how to sew previously, and on the very first day, all six of our ladies sewed a practice bag on their own and were so encouraged.  I love watching them, they were trying so hard as they know sewing is so much better than picking garbage at the dump or doing construction work laying bricks, or spreading concrete in the hot sun. 

Some amazing news also!  Praise GOD!!! On Good Friday, we held a small service at the office where they sew.  We taught about communion and four people raised their hands to ask Jesus into their lives.  So amazing. But now we have lots of work with discipleship.  

We also want to also engage the men. So we are also excited to start planning some work for the men.  There is an organization called “Man of Dignity” that teaches men how to weld, do electrical wiring, plumbing, tiling, safety, etc.  We want some of the men from the village to also come with the ladies and get them some training.  We will be providing a project for them to work on by getting them to learn how to weld bench seats and rails for the back of our truck.  However, to be able to take this training and have the time for this project with our truck, the men need to get paid so they can provide for their families otherwise they must work in other ways.  We need to make some decisions on how to fund this training in the near future.

We do have several of you who give to us monthly through credit card via PayPal or Square.  We are wondering if you would consider helping us out by transferring to pre-authorized debit. If you authorize it, our bank can make automatic monthly withdrawals from your account and deposit it into our ministry account with much smaller charges for the transaction.  If you are already donating, please consider writing to and getting the donations automatically withdrawn from your account, and this will eliminate the 3-4% interest rate that we have to pay through credit cards.  

Darren & Minako Polischuk
Co-Founders, Work of Your Hand

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Darren & Minako Polischuk

Co-Founders, Work of Your Hand

Prayer Corner

  • Please continue to pray for Punsen, the lady with a torn and faulty valve in her heart that we talked about in our last newsletter. Since she has a poor card, her family has discovered that the provincial hospital will give her the medication for free to alleviate the symptoms of getting water in her lungs. So the family doesn’t believe it is urgent for her to get surgery.  But soon the torn valve will totally fail and no medication will help that. Please pray that we will know how to help best.  
  • Please pray for the ladies who are learning how to sew.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we lead devotions, and for when the ladies ask us about God.   My heart is so full.  Because they are here with us, we are sharing life with them.                    
  • Please pray for Sokea, as her mom of 48 years old passed away from cancer this Thursday.  We were grateful to be able to walk alongside her and help her even just a little. The girls who sew with us questioned whether Christians can attend a Buddhist funeral.  And we were able to say that we want to come and show love, honor and respect for her and her mother.  We will not follow any Buddhist rituals but instead prayed to Jesus. It was so good to pour love on them.
  • We also have purchased a tuktuk, and employed one of the husbands from the village to drive the ladies back & forth into town.  Please pray for safety as they make the daily journey into town and back to the village each night.  Pray also for the men who will travel from the village with the women at the same time and for their needed sponsorship while they are receiving training.                                    
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