Work of Your Hand provides fair wage jobs to impoverished artisans in Southeast Asia to help restore dignity, hope, and the knowledge of their immeasurable worth.
For nearly a week, gale force winds raged over the province of Cebu in the Philippines and ocean waves slammed the coastline, devastating fishing villages and bringing industries to a grinding halt. 

Melchor, a Filipino fisherman, was forced to stop fishing and lost his source of income to provide for his wife and children.

"My family experienced starvation and was forced to skip meals because we didn't have any food to eat," Melchor later told us. 

In extreme poverty, it's often a daily fight for survival.

And for people like Melchor, natural disasters and other unexpected disruptions to their work can be devastating. 

At Work of Your Hand, we partner with a network of artisans and organizations that stretches across Southeast Asia, where people regularly have to choose resilience in the face of adversity--whether they experience disasters like Melchor's family, limited employment opportunities, discrimination, illness, and more. 

Thankfully, Melchor is a talented carpenter and received an order from Work of Your Hand during the storm. While his fishing was on hold due to the typhoon, Melchor's wood working helped him provide for his family's critical needs that week. 

Often, like in Melchor's case, we find that Work of Your Hand serves as a lifeline in the midst of the storm. 

When doors close in the faces of struggling people and opportunities fall through, we are able to provide an additional source of income that helps people weather difficult seasons. 

And often, though we would love to partner with people long term to provide a stable, fair income, we find that people move on to different employment opportunities once they are back on their feet--just like Melchor did when the storm had passed. 

Work of Your Hand is all about empowering the people we work with, and we are honoured to serve as a stepping stone into a better life--even when it means saying good bye. 

Take Michael, for example:

The young Filipino became a jack of all trades when his father passed away; from construction, to house cleaning, to collecting recyclables, Michael worked hard to provide for his family. 

Not long after, the young man was introduced to Work of Your Hand through his local church; soon enough, he had learned how to make bags, wallets, bibs, and jewelry out of recycled materials, all in exchange for a fair wage that helped bring more money home. 

During our time with Michael, we witnessed his work ethic, his dedication to his church family, and his love for music.

And when the time came, we said good bye to the young man as he pursued a great opportunity to work as a full-time painter. 

We are excited to have been part of Michael's journey out of juggling odd jobs and into stable employment. 

In fact, Work of Your Hand is honoured to be part of every artisan's life, be it for a long time or just a short while.

Although our prayer is always to help establish financial stability in a person's life and longevity in our partnership with them, we are dedicated to empowering impoverished people to make choices about their lives--because that is their basic human right. 

Know that each product you purchase from Work of Your Hand is enabling people to make those choices, which poverty had previously stolen from them. 

Thank you for joining us in changing lives, one purchase at a time. And please continue to pray for the artisans who have worked with us for a time and since moved on to different opportunities: 

May the Lord continue to provide for and champion their needs, and may each individual be treated with the respect they deserve as human beings made in the image of God.


Darren & Minako Polischuk
Founders, Work of Your Hand

  • Purchase a product made of recycled juice bags like what Michael sewed for Work of Your Hand; the hardy bags, wallets, and accessories will not only last forever, but will also help the environment and struggling famillies.                                                                                           
  • Donate to our "Where Most Needed" Fund, so that Work of Your Hand can continue to be a lifeline in the midst of the storm to vulnerable families across Southeast Asia.                                                                      
  • Join us for an evening of social justice on November 23. The event will involve justice-oriented escape rooms, opportunities for artistic expression, prizes to win, Fair Trade products for purchase, and an update from Darren and Minako Polischuk.

Prayer Corner

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors!


Please pray that final details and tasks will be settled as Darren and Minako prepare for their long stint at home.

Work of Your Hand

Please pray that God will align divine appointments and continue to provide for Work of Your Hand this fall through opportunities to sell our product, share our artisans' stories, and change lives.


Please lift up Melchor, Michael, and the artisans who have moved on from their employment with Work of Your Hand. 

May they continue to discover opportunities that give them dignified work, fair wages, and a stable job to provide for their needs.

Polischuk Update

We found out at the beginning of August that the baby of one of the Greeting Card artisans passed away from something that is so curable for most of us: pneumonia.

Unfortunately this is the plight of the poor.

But then, because of our relationship, we were able to share with the mom that her baby was with Jesus and she was so comforted! Thank goodness for our hope in Him!

Later in August, we hosted a short-term missions team with two objectives: teach Global Alpha, and provide dignified work through art while producing Greeting Cards. 

We are thankful for the training done in creating Greeting Cards.  More beautiful cards and more work for the poor! We also hosted a small gathering in the village where the cards are assembled:  130 children, 15 babies and 25 adults came and heard about Jesus and received some treats.

We are also thankful for the Global Alpha team that came and taught the Alpha Course to local Khmer pastors and leaders who could then run it at their own churches. 

This year, we had the advantage of asking some of the pastors who had run Alpha last year what they thought. They loved it, because in their words,"There were results!"

From last year's training, we knew that 6 churches began the Alpha Course, with an estimated total of 115 people.

What we didn’t know was that 17 people became believers and are actively attending church. 

Praise God!!!

From this year's training, there are 12 churches that want to run Alpha.  Please pray that more people will see the love God has for us, and choose to follow Him.

Thank you to all who partner with us through prayers, financial support and friendship! 

We look forward to reconnecting with you this fall.


Mark Your Calendar

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