Linky goodness from last night's fantastic talks :)
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Oh, what a night!

Despite the cold, a number of nerds both new and not came together in the woodburner-warmed comfort of Hotel Bristol last night.

And the talks were awesome - faces were agog! A number of interesting things got mentioned, though, and so we thought we'd send out some links. Because we love ya :)

Knitting up a storm
Want awesome yarn? Check out Tash's shop, the Holland Road Yarn Company

Holland Road Yarn Company

There are also a number of knitting, crochet and spinning classes you can attend, including a beginner's knitting class this coming Saturday in Wellington CBD. If you're going - I'll see you there!

Knitting, crochet and spinning classes
Beginner's knitting class

Undead laws
Rochelle impressed upon all of us the importance of getting our wills sorted out. I'm now hearing sounds about a will party! If we throw such a thing, we'll definitely let you know (and if you'd be interested in attending such a thing, give me a shout).

Rochelle's prezi

Want images, music and other content you can use without fear of being naughty about copyright? Creative Commons has an excellent search functionality which lets you just that, and more.

Creative Commons search

Leeloo Dallas Multiverse
[Ahaha]. In addition to the lucky winners of the double pass to CONSTELLATIONS last night, I've now heard of other nerd niters who're so intrigued byt the show that they'll be attending it. Huzzah! Check out the link below for show details.


Remember the alt/indie rock band Eels? Well, here's something you may not know - the lead singer's dad was Hugh Everett II - the quantum physic
ist who first proposed the many-worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics There's a really interesting documentary about it all called Parallel worlds, parallel lives.

Parallel worlds, parallel lives

And, if you're still thinking about how physics and free will interact, there's are some great Radiolab episodes (newest first) looking into multiverse theory, relativity and free will. Heady stuff!

Radiolab: Beyond Time
Radiolab: The (Multi) Universe(s)
Radiolab: No special now

In conclusion
Thank you to everyone who came along - it doesn't work without you :)

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As always, please do get in touch if you'd like to speak, volunteer someone, or suggest a topic. See you then!

Yours in nerdiness,


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