Food can, many times, cause stress. Think about it: that 3pm slump hits, you head to the vending machine to grab a candy bar and then you feel guilty about blowing your diet after you eat it. I have been there...too many times to count. 

The thing is you can eat foods that ease tension, stabilize your blood sugar, satiate you and make you feel better. 

Here are 5 stress-busting foods that should be in your diet: 

  • Oatmeal - I love this stuff. Carbohydrates can increase serotonin in your brain but when you reach for simple carbs (think candy, donuts) your blood sugar can spike. A complex carb like oatmeal won't lead to a potential spike in your blood sugar levels. Click HERE for my favorite oatmeal recipe.
  • Blueberries - the antioxidants and phytonutrients in these little blue balls of deliciousness help improve your body's response to stress and fight the free radicals stress causes.
  • Pistachios - I have become a pistachio addict lately and, it turns out, that's a good thing. The rhythmic motion of shelling nuts like pistachios (or peanuts) helps you relax. Plus eating them may reduce stress by lowering blood pressure thanks to the phytonutrients pistachios contain which support heart health. I love these Wonderful Pistachios. I buy a big box of individual bags at Costco and take a bag with me when I'm on the go.
  • Dark Chocolate - research has shown that the dark stuff (think 65% dark chocolate or higher) can reduce stress levels while the antioxidants in cocoa can cause the walls of your blood vessels to relax which lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Dark chocolate also contains substances that create a natural sense of happiness. 
  • Avocado - this smooth, creamy fruit (yes, it's a fruit) helps you feel full, which prevents you from stress eating. Plus it has a wonderful mouthfeel which makes it a pleasure to eat. 

The great thing about these foods is that each of them is delicious and relatively affordable. 

For more stress-busting goodies, read this article from Health magazine

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