Freedom, bikes, collaboration, mindfulness... you are invited.
four things in this email:

1. Brief Encounters Collaboration: showing at Pick of the Fringe

2. Meditation: ZenYU Monday Nights (young urban zen)

3. Mindfulness Bike Ride: Earth Care Week, save the date

4. Unsubscribable, a note

1. Brief Encounters Collaboration: showing at Pick of the Fringe
I'm in a Freedom Show!  Brief Encounters is a Vancouver based production by the Tomorrow Collective.  10 diverse Artists, 5 unusual pairs, 2 weeks to create.  I am paired with Liz Solo, an inSPIRing artist & activist from Newfoundland; we are creating an anarchist myth, really a tale of freedom. I am billed as a Bike Activist, and Liz and I are creating something great!  Guest curator Flick Harrison.

The show runs Sept 19 - 21, three shows only. 9pm. 8:15 doors. get there early
at Performance Works Theater on Granville Island.

2. Meditation: ZenYU Monday Nights (young urban zen)
Monday night meditation continues at the Mountain Rain Zendo, because meditation. with others. is easier!

Zendo opens at 7pm for informal visiting, chatting and yoga.
7:30 - 9pm is the formal part of our night, with two 20 minute meditation periods with walking meditation in between, followed by tea, snack and discussion. Folks are welcome and encouraged to stick around until 9:30 for more social time.

Young Urban Zen is a drop in meditation group for young-ish folks interested in Buddhist Ideas and Meditation and how these relates to our daily lives.

2016 Wall Street in eastVan, near Powell and Victoria.

3. Mindfulness Bike Ride: Earth Care Week, save the date
I am facilitating a Mindfullness Bike Ride, rain or shine, on Saturday Oct 12. Location, time and details TBA.
This is part of the first annual Earth Care Week and is being organized locally by the Insight Meditation Society.
We'll experience some riding in noble silence, as well as have time for small group discussion about our personal connection to earth.

Please ask me if you want to know more. I will have details closer to the date.

4. Unsubscribable, a note
I will not be offended at all if you unsubscribe from my list. I've finally moved over to an email management platform where YOU can choose to be included or not. There is an unsubscribe button below.

Thanks to all of you who completed the survey from my last email several months ago.  I am a local community & cultural producer, and managing communications is something I have struggled with... it seems to take much of my energy just to produce things. AND because I organize within several different interconnected yet separate worlds (collective houses, meditation, art, community, facilitation, bikes, birds, etc) you may have gotten on this list and really, you don't want to be.  Apologies if this is the case. 

I am not a Corporation, and I am not selling you anything except the possibility of a more connected world.  In my small way I work in parallel with countless others, offering my gifts into the world: beautiful seeds fly and land as they may.  In these irregular emails I promise to only offer thoughtfulness.  I acknowledge the existence of ongoing and systemic oppressions, and my countless privileges in this world; also that I live and work on un-ceeded Coast Salish territory. 

Safe travels all, and I currently believe that it is never to late to start living your dream.