Help us save Food Safety Week 2016
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Urgent call to help us save Food Safety Week 2016

I am writing to you to ask your assistance to save this year’s Food Safety Week, which will be the 20th.

On 1 May 2016 we will be launching our crowdfunding appeal to the general public to raise vital funds for our work and I am inviting you, as regular subscribers, to either donate or consider sponsorship opportunities.
There are an estimated 15.9 million cases of gastroenteritis in Australia each year and a quarter of these are due to food poisoning.  Since 1997 the Council has been helping consumers with simple tips on how to reduce the risk of food poisoning. However the loss of Federal Government funding in 2014 has left us with greatly reduced income, to the extent that we may not be able to run Food Safety Week this year.
Your tax deductable donations will help us to do the following:
  • $30 will help us answer consumer enquiries about what to do if they have food poisoning
  • $50 will help us get out messages through the media during food poisoning outbreaks such as the recent bean sprout and lettuce salmonella cases and last year’s frozen berries Hepatitis A crisis.
  • $100 will help us reduce deaths from Listeria infection that can be fatal to unborn babies, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses
  • $150 will help us get out emergency messages during fires, floods & power outages
  • $200 will help make our website responsive so people can access our vital information on mobile phones

As the end of the financial year approaches we also have tax deductable sponsorship opportunities for organisations to help us to achieve the following during Food Safety Week:
  • $1000 will pay for us to distribute a media release which generated 56 news items that reached 12,098,793 unique viewers on news websites during Food Safety Week 2015
  • $2000 will enable us to carry out consumer research to release during Food Safety Week
  • $4000 will pay to make our website responsive and easier to read on mobile phones and devices, which is the way most people use our website
  • $5,000 will pay for fridge thermometers
  • $8,000 will pay for promotional material such as posters or fridge magnets to be printed and mailed to the one of the many community events held around the country during Food Safety Week
  • $10,000 will help produce and distribute radio announcements with food safety messages – during 2015-16 a total of 1,065 spots were broadcast on 20 capital city stations and a total of 5,838 spots broadcast on 58 rural, regional and remote stations
  • $15,000 will help produce and distribute TV announcements with food safety messages to run on all commercial and pay TV stations from November 2016 until the end of January 2017.
 If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please call 0407 626 688 or email
The Food Safety Information Council is a health promotion charity and all donations are tax deductable. We aim to address the estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year that result in 31,920 hospitalisations, 86 deaths and 1 million visits to doctors.
Rachelle Williams
Chair Food Safety Information Council
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