Don’t come the raw prawn - warning to keep your seafood safe this Easter 23 March 2016
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Don’t come the raw prawn - warning to keep your seafood safe this Easter

Easter sees the greatest quantity of seafood sold in Australia and the Food Safety Information Council is warning consumers to transport their seafood home from the retailer in a cooler with ice block or ice.
Food Safety Information Council Chair, Rachelle Williams, said that Australia has a well-deserved reputation for high quality and safe seafood.
‘Commercially produced seafood in Australia must adhere to strict quality controls but we also need to keep it safe after purchase,’ Ms Williams said.
The Council has issued 6 tips to reduce your risk of food poisoning from seafood you purchase to help keep it safe this Easter:
  1. Only purchase your raw or precooked seafood from a registered seafood supplier and check it is visibly fresh and is displayed chilled
  2. Transport your seafood home from the retailer in a cooler with ice blocks or ice sufficient to keep it chilled
  3. At home put seafood in the fridge in a covered container and make sure your fridge is running at 5°C or below. Live shellfish should be kept on ice and consumed as soon as possible after shucking.
  4. If the seafood is going to be cooked this will kill most bacteria but there could be a risk if it is consumed raw, for example raw oysters, sushi, sashimi. You will need to be particularly careful and hygienic in preparing these raw foods and also handling precooked seafood such as prawns.
  5. Raw seafood or cold cooked prawns are not recommended for pregnant women, people with reduced immune systems or the elderly because of the risk of Listeria.
  6. Consume prawns and live shellfish as soon as possible after purchase when they are at their best and use other refrigerated seafood within 2 to 3 days.
 See more seafood food safety tips on our website
Media contact:
Lydia Buchtmann , Food Safety Information Council
Tel 0407 626 688

Chair Report for March 2016

I am pleased to announce that at the Special General Meeting on 17 March, the new Constitution and By Laws were approved by the members. This means that we can now move into the future with the structure formalised.

The other good news is that the members at the SGM also agreed to the resolution to change the Food Safety Information Council from an association to a Company Limited by Guarantee. This will meet a requirement for us to be a Health Promotion Charity, and bring us into line with other similar organisations.

So what else has happened this month?
I would like to welcome Logan City Council, City of Melbourne Council, Dairy Food Safety Victoria, Safe Food Queensland, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, New South Wales Food Authority and the Council of Derby / West Kimberley as members of the FSIC.

All of the materials on the website have now been reviewed by the Technical Committee to ensure they reflect the latest science and will be going onto the website shortly.

Our Member’s Only area has now been set up, and once we get all the minutes, research and information onto it, we will be letting all our members know how to log on.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the same day as our Planning Day, to ensure that we use our resources sensibly. So all members and sponsors need to put 01 June into their diaries, telemeeting facilities will be available, but we would like to see as many attend in person as possible.

The Planning Day for 2016 will be busy with us choosing the theme for Food Safety Week as usual. This will be the 20th Food Safety Week, so we want it to be fun and significant. We will also be agreeing to the Goals for 2016-17 and deciding on the Annual Focus.

The Executive is currently working on the draft themes and goals for presentation at Planning Day. If any member has any ideas for goals or themes, please email me at
Rachelle Williams

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