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We are here to help you THRIVE! Our second illumine Life! Directory is in the works, and this time there will be an amazing digital platform (searchable and shareable). We are so excited about creating a stronger community of wellness resources to share with you to live your most illumined life. You will find the best of Chicago's integrative healers/practitioners, fitness and yoga studios, coaches, therapists, financial advisors and more. 

And if you know and love a business that supports living an illumined life, please share with us at 
illuminelife@illuminechicago.com. We will be working on the listings through mid-June.

FREE Healing Through Yoga session with Marci Barth @ Yogaview Wilmette.

THRIVING AFTER BREAST CANCER Marci Barth has been joyfully teaching yoga for nearly 15 years. Diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2018, she had a double mastectomy and reconstruction in September 2018. During her recovery, Marci created a yoga program that supported her own physical, emotional and spiritual healing. She looks forward to sharing this practice with others:

  • June 1, 1:30-3:30pm
  • Participants must be cleared by their doctors for stretching and strength building.
  • THIS EVENT IS FREE but please register ahead of time as space/props are limited.
  • To register, please click here or call the studio directly at 847-919-0533

This workshop will include mindful breathing exercises, physical movement and guided meditation all designed specifically for women recovering from breast cancer surgery..

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Consider Coaching
We have many professional coaches listed in the illumine Life! Directory. From Transformational Coach Karen Radtke to Soul Coach, Rebecca Niziol, Mindset and happiness coach, Steffani LeFevour, and Performance Coach, Julie Learner to Executive Coach, Sharon Krohn.

So obviously, we believe in coaching. We have coaches for different areas of our personal and professional life. Oprah revealed that she, at one point, had four coaches! One of the regular articles in O Magazine is written by Oprah's life coach Martha Beck because so many readers and views requested this.

Like an Olympic athlete's coach, a professional coach can help you do the drills, identify and challenge you to do things that are not natural but essential for success and fulfillment. And they hold you accountable to daily, weekly monthly, and quarterly goals. Most importantly, coaches are looking at your life in context. Most of the time we see the details of our lives because we are living "in" them. But in context, a coach can help to point out our strengths and see possibilities. A good coach will see how close, or how far, we may be from reaching our goals and will direct us to resources, exercises, and skills to get us there. Many people simply say that coaching means: getting to where you want to go in life only FASTER.

This summer we will be hosting a "Consider Coaching" event where you will meet coaches with different specialities, tools and expertises. You will get some life-changing insights into living your best life, and then experience "speed coaching" to see if it's right for you. Sign up here, we are expecting to offer this in mid-to-late June.

Resources for living
We've all come a long way to better understand that "it takes a village." And an important perspective to remember is it takes a village to live our best lives. It takes looking at different categories or areas of our life, using tools like the Wheel of Life. There are more things that  contribute to our well-being than just working out and eating right. We have to look at the other areas, identified by Gallup as the "Well-Being 5."

Here at illumine, we are always learning to live better. Trust us to share our best resources. This month we are sharing our best resources for each of the 5 essential elements of wellbeing to get you in action to live your best life:

  • One of my favorite personal finance writers, David Bach, wrote this popular post recently, "Bach Wisdom - 16 Timeless Truths." It's brilliant. These truths might seem like common sense. But be truthful and if you aren't already practicing these, start to implement these. Making even just one small change can make a difference over time.
  • Do you know your "love language"? We have found this concept essential to better communications at home, in any kind of friendship, and at work. Now there are quizzes for not only love languages, but also "apology language" and "anger assessment." Knowing your own and the language of your partner and friends/co-workers can significantly increase quality of communication and minimize time spent trying to connect and/or reconnect.
  • Learn with friends. One of the best ways to connect with people is to learn something new together. Do something you all love or do something that no one knows anything about. Check out cooking, woodworking, art, sailing, or personal development.
  • Did you read our Teacher Feature on Patricia Moreno, founder of inten-Sati? Next month we are headed to NYC to visit her again for this mind-uplifting, soul-inspiring, intense and fun workout. Yes, it's so worth the trip!  "The combination of movement, music, voice and stillness will create a powerful transforming experience to help you tap into your full potential to recreate your relationship to your body, mind and spirit." Here are the details
Live an illumined life
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