How's your push up form?
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How's Your Push Up Form?

Check your push up form today!

The push up may look like a basic exercise, but achieving perfect form is more difficult than it would seem.

And your form says a lot about your strengths and weaknesses.

Do your hips sag? Does your chin jut forward? Do your shoulders shrug?

All of these things indicate areas of weakness - areas that you can strengthen with a few simple moves.

The problem is, many of us don't realize when our form isn't perfect. 

And even when we do, most of us aren't sure about how to correct the problems.

BUT I have an easy solution for you....

SEND ME A VIDEO OF YOUR PUSH UP FORM! And I'll send you tips to make your push ups BETTER and STRONGER.

To send me your video, reply to this email or send me a message at!

Perfect push up form means stronger push ups and more reps. Here's a quick guide to perfect push up form if you need a reminder. The post also has a few basic variations to regress and progress the basic push up.
You need to stop using the knee push up. WHY? Because it isn't the best way to achieve the perfect full push up! Here's what you need to do!
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