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January, 2016

Welcome to our January Newsletter!

Happy New Year!

As the EGLSF Co-President, and on behalf of the entire board, I would like to send you my best wishes along with a summary of our activities of the past 12 months and a short peak into 2016.

The board met for face-to-face meetings in Glasgow, Krakow, Milan, Helsinki and Stockholm, and we had an average of 2 skype board meetings each month.

In March 2015, we held our Annual General Assembly in Krakow, where an extensive modernisation of our statutes and bylaws has been approved by our members.

We welcomed Edwin Westenberg (treasurer) and John Ryan (board member at large) to the EGLSF family as they were the latest members to be elected to the board. 

Our host, KKS Kraków, held the successful conference "Gender and Sexual Diversity in Sport". 

EGLSF board members have attended several international conferences throughout the year. These included events hosted by EPAS, QFF, FGG, FARE, ILGA, ENGSO, the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

A detailed report on these events will be published as usual in the AGA papers 2016.

In August the European Sports Community met in Stockholm at the 15th EuroGames.

Our last EU-co-funded Project PSS came to an end in September 2015. We are now happy and proud to announce that for 2016 the EGLSF partners with VIDC, the John Blankenstein Foundation and the German Sports University Cologne in 3 brand new Erasmus+ projects. We will update you on these projects during the AGA in Glasgow.

Last month we said goodbye to Christiana Daneva and Klaus Heusslein who due to personal commitments are unable to continue on the board. I would like to take this opportunity the thank them both for their contribution to the EGLSF and wish them both the very best for the future.

The board are now looking forward to the AGA in Glasgow at the beginning of March (4th-5th-6th) and the 16th EuroGames which will be held in Helsinki (June) this summer.

We would like to wish all of you the best for the new year and look forward to meeting you in Glasgow.

EGLSF Co-President

SAVE THE DATE - 5th/6th March 2016

The Annual general assembly and LEAP Sports conference, Diversities in Sport, will take place in Glasgow this coming March. Registration is now open and you can find all the information here

LEAP Sports' members and friends are working on the first EGLSF AGA in Scotland; on Friday 4th March, we are all invited to the Diversities in Sport conference, that will focus on issues of inclusion of transgender, intersex, non-binary, genderqueer, asexual and other diverse identities related to gender and sexualities in their intersections with other identities within a sport context. The room will also look at practice and strategies for inclusion as well as at a range of pathways, but will focus primarily on access level, grassroots and recreational sport. Read here for more detailed information about patrons, participants and guest contributors.

Call for Candidates


We would like to remind you that, as in every AGA, there will be elections for board positions. In 2016, we will have to elect four board member positions, a male co-president, a male board member, and two female board members. As voted during our last AGA in Krakow, new members are elected for a three years term. Are you interested? 
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2016 Membership Renewal

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that from the 1st of January 2016 your membership to the EGLSF will be up for renewal! You may contact Edwin directly for more information at or

If you are not a member of the federation, and are thinking of joining, then please email if you have any questions regarding membership, renewal, cost or benefits.


AGA 2017 - March 4th/5th


The EGSLF invites members to host the Annual General Assembly for 2017. It will be held on 4th and 5th March.

If you and your organisation would like to be the AGA 2017 host, your proposal will have to be voted on during our next assembly in Glasgow, during which you will be able to make your presentation.
Please read this brief bidding file, fill it up and send it to the board (Jon Landa) before the 20th of January 2016, so we can enclose your bidding in the next AGA papers.


EuroGames 2019

The next EuroGames after Helsinki will be held in 2019! If your club or organisation are thinking of hosting one of the largest European multi sport events then why not look into the process and see if this is something for you to think about, so if you are interested then you can find out more information here »

You can also just email Tamara Tien directly with any questions you may have regarding the bidding process, her email is
The 18th QFF Conference will take place in Gelsenkirchen this January and we have 2 contributions from Darryl Telles & Ron Triep, who are members of their respective supporters clubs. If you would like more information please check out the website

For the love of the game...


"Does your boyfriend know your here?" "We can see you holding  hands. " These comments  may seem as banter in the context of a  football match. However imagine that your a teenager growing up as lesbian,  gay  or just questioning your sexuality. How would this make you feel especially if it was sung by your own fans. Well this is the reality for thousands of LGBT supporters especially if your team plays against Brighton and Hove Albion. 

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100% Against Homophobia

The Hague's city government firmly opposes the bullying of the supporters club Roze Règâhs ADO Den Haag. Twice a banner was removed by other football fans with the words " 100 % for ADO Den Haag , 100 % against homophobia ." The municipality calls the harassment " inappropriate, offensive and reprehensible." This is stated in the answer to questions of D66 in the council.

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EuroGames Helsinki 2016 - January News!

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s a taste of what Helsinki has to offer for you in June:

EuroGames Village will be the place to be during the event: Located here between the Central Railway Station, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Music Centre, it will serve as a green resort in the heart of the city. You’ll be able to enjoy the spirit of a Finnish Midsummer festival: a big stage, artists, bars, food trucks, sauna, a Nordic Midsummer pole and mölkky (a popular Finnish game). Village is open to all citizens, so EuroGames will certainly be seen and heard by everyone.  read more »

January Events
1st-3rd  RoMan Caput Anni Volleyball Tournament
14th      Sin City 2016
15th      Volleydolls – LGBT Volleyball Tournament in Mannheim
15th      QFF 18th Conference

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