Greetings! Hope everyone is staying hydrated and keeping cool! We've got something special at the studio this weekend - see more on Harmonize below. 

Upcoming! August 25th at 4pm
Passport to Inner Peace | Harmonize with Andrea Cortez

Harmonize w/Andrea Cortez
Sunday, August 25th 4 - 5:30pm 

This workshop begins with a gentle, 20-minute yoga warm up led by Annelize with the intention of preparing the mind and body for sound meditation.

You may experience this sound healing concert by sitting in a comfortable position or by lying down for the duration of the meditation (we've got chairs, blankets, bolsters  and we encourage coziness).  Music Therapist Andrea will guide you through an hour long sound healing concert. Sound is a powerful tool for transformation that can balance us on many levels. It can calm over activity in the mind, regulate the  nervous system and reverse physical effects of stress.  Allow the sounds of the singing bowls and the gong to shift you out of the usually analytic state and into a sensing state, one of deep relaxation. 

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Yoga Flight  | Try any 5 Classes for $25 
(Within 2 Weeks)

For those of us that practice regularly, we know just how much this practice can elevate our minds, bodies and spirits. At our studio, we practice yoga more so than "doing yoga" as there is nothing really to do, no particular shape we need to make, and no competition for flexibility or strength. 

If you are striving for perfection, then we will happily guide you towards strengthening that link between the body and breath. In each moment, if you can be present with your breath, you may then consider yourself in the most perfect practice. 

We love to welcome new students, whether they are beginners, seasoned or somewhere in between. If you've got a friend or family member interested in yoga, let them know about our Yoga Flight and they may reach out to Annelize for a consultation on what classes to attend. 

be well, practice yoga & feel good. 


New!! Lunchtime Yoga on Friday
Begins August 9th,  12pm

Join Faith Lynn for a 12 PM Lunchtime class on Fridays! 55 minutes and you'll be ready to continue with your day. 

Take a mid-day break from your to-do lists to refresh mind and body and reconnect with your soul. This is a gentle flow class with poses designed to counter the effects of sitting at a desk and deepening breath work to calm and focus the mind. Return to your day with greater clarity and peace. 

NEW! Sunrise Yoga on Tue & Thu
Now at 7am

Sunrise Yoga with Joseph David begins August 15th, 7-8am. 

Start your day with a mindful warm up, focused breath work and yoga asanas to prepare the mind and body for optimal efficiency throughout your day. 


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