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The Chairman Greg Rowlands opened the meeting on Monday 4th July 2016 by welcoming everyone and thanked landlords and agents for giving up their time to attend and support the Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum. 

He also gave a warm welcome to the speakers for again giving up their time to present to the forum. David Poole Cabinet Member for Housing with CCBC was also present and was thanked for his support

John Puzey Director of Shelter Cymru was our first speaker of the evening.  John gave his introductions and talked about Shelter Cymru and their achievements to date and outlined some of the projects they are currently involved in.  Shelter has been working in Wales for thirty-five years and provide a housing advice service in every area in Wales.  They have a team of Support Workers and Legal Professionals to assist with Homelessness, Eviction, Finding a Place to live, Mortgage Rescue and so much more.  Shelter believe that everyone has the right to a decent, secure home.  They help thousands of people every year who are struggling with poor housing conditions or homelessness and they campaign hard to prevent it in the first place.

John confirmed that most of the complaints they receive from tenants are based on misunderstanding - both tenants and landlords not knowing what their rights and responsibilities are.

John felt that there is a need for Shelter, Landlord Associations and Landlord Forums to be working together to provide a mediation service to be able to iron out problems together before embarking on legal proceedings to evict.  This is something that he will encourage going forward.  John touched on the many contributions Shelter have made to recent changes in Legislation - Housing (Wales) Bill, Renting Homes Act and so many more.  Shelter work tirelessly to be able to make a difference.

To end his presentation John showed a short film which related to their "Take Notice Project" which is an exciting new project lottery funded for three years.  It was produced to primarily break some myths about homelessness and highlight how anyone from all walks of life can become homeless.  The film was based on real cases.
Steve Clarke Managing Director of Welsh Tenants was our last speaker of the evening.
Steve has more that thirty years experience of working with tenant and resident groups.  Steve presented at our forum back in October 2015 whereby he informed us of a project called "Step Up" a joint initiative aimed as sustaining tenancies and providing support to Tenants and Landlords through a Tenant Support Programme.  Unfortunately this initiative was not successful as it relied heavily on tenant involvement and it was too difficult to resource.

Steve outlined his experience with dealing with Tenants over the years and stated that there appears to be a constant struggle between rights and responsibilities.  The subjects identified as key to supporting tenants to maintain a successful tenancy not only include rights and responsibilities but also life crisis events, financial inclusion and health and safety.

Steve proceeded to update the forum on what Welsh Tenants have been doing.  They are currently looking into a new concept whereby Tenants could undertake an on-line theory test and if they pass could be given a "Certificate of Competence to Rent"

Steve Clarke's full presentation can be found on our Caerphilly Private Landlord website.


Our next landlord forum will be held on Monday 3rd October 2016 at Ty Penallta Council Offices, Ystrad Mynach.  If Donna has your email address a reminder and an agenda will be sent out to you.  

Please note:
Access to Ty Penallta is limited after office working hours.  The doors will be open up to 17.55hrs.  If possible please come early for a prompt start at 18.00hrs.  I understand that this is sometimes difficult because of work commitments etc. and we do not wish to discourage any landlord/agent from attending so if you do intend joining us and need access to the building after 17.55hrs just drop me an email so that we can open the doors for you.  Hope to see you all on the 3rd October. 


Bethan Jones was our second speaker of the evening.
Bethan is the Operations Manager for Rent Smart Wales and she came along to the forum to re-affirm what the new law in Wales is all about and to give us an update on what has been happening since it's inception on the 23rd November 2015.

The presentation started with some legislative background.
The Housing (Wales) Act Part 1 introduced a legal requirement for all Landlords to register themselves and their rental addresses and Landlords and Agents who act on their behalf who let and/or manage rental properties to become licensed.
Bethan went on to state that Cardiff Council were designated as the "Licensing Authority" and the scheme will be run by them under the brand name "Rent Smart Wales!.  To date 13,797 Landlords have registered - 2,500 have paid and booked on training courses and they have issued over 700 licenses.  In April 3,600 calls were received.  The momentum for the scheme is now picking up.  An overview of Landlord and Agents requirements were discussed and confirmation of who as a Landlord needs to register and who needs a license were confirmed.  What happens once a Landlord and Agent has registered and obtained a license was also highlighted.  Bethan touched upon the conditions of the license and the code of practice that everyone will have to adhere to.  She then talked about the need for training to enable Landlords and Agents to be able to obtain their license.  This can be undertaken either classroom based or on-line.  Bethan did suggest that often classroom based training is preferable as you get to meet and talk to other Landlords during the day and receive feed back.  This was supported by a local landlord on the night who had indeed recently undertaken training in Caerphilly and was complimentary about the whole experience.
Bethan came to the end of her presentation by outlining the next stages of the process and how Welsh Government will now step up their marketing and communication strategy.  She also spoke about how enforcement action against Landlords and Agents who do not comply with the law will be undertaken.
You can see Bethan's presentation in full on the Caerphilly Private Landlord Forum website.
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