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Stand Up and be Counted
Or hunch over unless you're 3'6" or less. That's right, Kala has an upright UBass scheduled for release in 2016, and it's a modest 42" high. Dean Tomasula and the folk over at the UBass Appeciation Society are raving about it, but in the clip of Frescia Belmar playing, the UBass appears as though it must be sitting on something or perhaps has a super long spike. I can only hope they're still working on getting it to sound as good as the sideways UBasses...
We all need music
ABC TV's Compass programme yesterday was about music therapy in the Royal Melbourne Hospital run by music therapist and researcher Emma O'Brien. Emma has a long history of providing music therapy in acute care and for some patients she incorporates songwriting, recording in the hospital's own recording studio and film clips! One area in which she has been assisting researchers at Melbourne University is using music therapy in the early stages of rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke affecting the speech and language area of their brain. Emma plays music with individual patients who are encouraged to sing and who then undergo MRI scans to see where the effects are taking place. Although I couldn't find out whether any results have been published yet, here is a related short piece about music therapy and the effects of music in general which gives some interesting statistics. 
Check out the show itself on iView.
Corrections and omissions
As I know hordes of you will be wanting to dress up as Marilyn Monroe and attempt the uke playing world record (while raising money for the Cancer Council) in South Australia in January next year, I apologise for failing to include the registration link in the last Resonate. The event includes workshops which you also can book privately for your workplace, and there's even an online tutorial for playing Daisy Bell (the song for the world record attempt) by James Evan Jones, who was one of the writers of the 1970 hit The Pushbike Song released by Australian band The Mixtures...shhh..oogh oogh shhh haaa!
I have fixed a couple of silly errors in the songs I've been posting. Not that it makes much difference (except to my attention to detail credibility) but the second verse 3 in Fire and the Flood is now properly shown as verse 4. And Psycho Killer does not have an A minor anywhere in the chorus, it is all A major. I was so caught up in playing and writing the super fun bass-line that I completely forgot to play through the uke part and notice my mis-type before corrected!
Revenge of the Kiwi
OK, last issue I introduced you to the 'Pasadena Piper' in an attempt to uncover the exciting, hitherto unexplored potential of recorder playing. But now I'd like you to meet comedian and musician Matt Mulholland from NZ's ukulele heartland, Wellington, who has a string of vids piss-taking the recorder back to the way we know and love to hate it!
My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland
Thanks Matt, for a different kind of music therapy!
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