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August 28, 2017
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We praise you Lord God for our 18th anniversary, serving you in Central America.  You have blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. As we start the next year our vision comes from I Chronicles 4: 10, “And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou would bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.”

Terry and Arlene

The Year of Expansion
The Year of Expansion means moving outside of our comfort zone and relying on God to provide the open doors and the extra finances needed as we expand our vision and show the love of God in areas, and countries that are open to His Word.

In October we were blessed when a team of Police Trainers “Gatekeepers” spent a spirit filled week in Honduras with us and God’s glory was evident. 403 made first time professions of faith out of over 1500 police men and women. There were five days of training and each person on the team had such a servant’s heart. We also expanded our relationship with the Honduran police even to the main leaders in Tegucigalpa and were able to share, preach, witness and more.

OEM Staff Speaking at Police Academy

Gatekeepers Ministry Team

Many Pray to Receive Christ

November News and Events

As we move forward we also need to remember our blessings, our good friends, prayer warriors and financial supporters of OEM for all these many years. Without your support none of this would have been possible.

Read below a testimony about OEM from our dear friend and coworker in the ministry.


November News and Events

As we move forward we also need to remember our blessings, our good friends, prayer warriors and financial supporters of OEM for all these many years. Without your support none of this would have been possible.

Read below a testimony about OEM from our dear friend and coworker in the ministry.

By Harriett Westmoreland

One of the greatest blessings of my life has been working with this God-inspired ministry over the last 18 years. Beginning in 1995, Terry DuPont was Executive Pastor of our new church, Faith Promise Church. He had been called to leadership and was the primary leader until God gave us a Pastor in 1997.He was a tireless worker, gifted in growing leaders, enthusiastic for his role in the Kingdom of God and I am sure at 62, had no inkling of what God was going to do in his and Arlene’s life. Fast forward to 1999. Terry went with Pastor Chris on a mission trip to Leon, Nicaragua. They spent the week with another missionary evangelizing the people of Nicaragua, and although many people accepted Christ, God began working in Terry’s heart by making him realize that there was no one there full time to bring the skills and vision to the churches, pastors and leaders to disciple the people. Terry’s heart was all about vision and leadership. Then God, during that trip, placed a God-sized vision in Terry’s heart for the Nicaraguan people. It was a struggle when he returned home to make the decision to go. He and Arlene had good jobs, a home they had purchased recently, a daughter, parents and a community of friends and other family. But God kept showing them that was His plan for them. So, they sold their home, most of their belongings, put everything else in storage and in October 1999, Terry bought a new truck and with an interpreter, drove 3 ½ days from Knoxville to Leon, Nicaragua--- Open Eyes Ministries was born!

Terry asked God what He wanted him to do in Central America. God told him, “I want you to use the gifts of those who will come along side of you to be a witness for me in Nicaragua.” Specifically, God laid on his heart to bring vision and leadership skills to pastors, churches, leaders and organizations to be catalysts for evangelism and cell group ministry across Nicaragua. Terry and the other OEM Leaders believed developing leaders was their first priority; then establishing cell groups, evangelism discipleship and sending. And Terry and Arlene have been faithful to this vision for 18 years. They have ministered across Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

In 2009 God raised up two more leaders, Eric and Melissa Weber, who took over the OEM ministries in Nicaragua. Eric left thriving businesses in Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee, and guided by God’s vision, and under Terry’s leadership, he and Melissa and their young children moved to a country where they did not speak the language, but Terry and Arlene had built a foundation to continue God’s work in Nicaragua.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been fed, ministered to, and snatched from the hands of Satan because of one 62 year old man was obedient to the strong call of God to leave home and all his “stuff” and go where God sent him and stay true to God’s vision for this ministry. For one woman, who left her job, her daughter, her aging parents and life as she knew it to follow this vision with him. One woman who learned the language, loved on people and was and is the most necessary helpmate of this ministry, infused with God’s vision for her ministry role to His people in Central America.

I have been privileged to walk with Terry and Arlene and Eric and Melissa for the last 18 years. I have had the privilege to walk with them through the good and troubled times. I have seen the struggles, growth, victories and the hardships and so, so much love from these inspiring people. I have a passion for this ministry and it has changed my life. I want to thank everyone who has come to Central America on a mission trip; everyone who has financially supported this ministry; everyone who has prayed for this ministry. I beg you…… not stop. God has not stopped working through Open Eyes Ministries. He is not done. We need you.

Thank you, Terry and Arlene for heeding the call and sacrificing. Thank you, Eric and Melissa for taking up the banner for Nicaragua. Thank you, all of the former and current staff, the Board of Directors for all of your tireless work. Thank you God for your vision, imparted to Terry 18 years ago.

Thank you God for Open Eyes Ministries



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