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February 3, 2014
Our New Educator Effectiveness Newsletter

Delivering timely news, updates and events

The year 2014 promises interesting and exciting developments in educator effectiveness. Conversations in communities and national dialogues continue. Plus, topics like teacher evaluations, evaluation systems and Common Core State Standards are on the legislative agenda, as sessions begin in SREB states and across our country.

After all, evidence suggests that effective teachers can have a powerful impact on how much and how well students learn. Now many states and districts are at work in better defining and implementing the systems, processes and measures of effective teaching.
In my role at SREB, I’ve been focused on how we can partner with and support so many of you to advance teacher effectiveness, uplifting the profession and improving outcomes for our children in the process. I’ve been privileged to oversee research, convene with thought leaders and observe quality instruction in action.

With this Educator Effectiveness newsletter, I am pleased to share some of my experiences and insights with you. I’ll also spotlight articles, reports and other news of importance to influencers, policymakers and insiders like you.

I welcome your feedback. If you have comments or a story to share, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks so much,

Andy Baxter
Vice President, Educator Effectiveness


Teaching to the Common Core

Educational leaders and policymakers across the nation are considering how teaching practice, observations and evaluations should take shape under Common Core. Learn more about how SREB staffers joined with school administrators and educators to examine this issue and more in a special January 2014 convening.

Looking Back at "Better Teaching"

Toward Better Teaching, the inaugural title in SREB’s Educator Effectiveness series, remains a great resource as you revisit and review critical evaluation policies and practices. Feel free to read and share this report.


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