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CBA Chairman’s Announcement

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Personal Email:
This evening I attended a meeting at which Saresh Vara, the Legal Aid Minister repeated the £84,000 figure, making no apology for inclusion of VAT or expenses. Lord Carlile pointed out on that basis his earnings were £174,000 including expenses.

I also asked him if he knew LAA reps were offering briefs in VHCCs to silks and asking for it to be kept confidential. He knew of no such thing.

Finally Lord Carlile asked him if he knew how many barristers were prepared to accept declassified VHCCs. He said he didn't know, but he hoped people would, thereby ending our campaign. Alex told him there were none.

I have heard a rumour that there maybe one. I answered that I doubt that was true.

Spirits up we are winning. I'm going to see the Big Cheese tomorrow.
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