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Sweet Dream In A Bag


          May 2014

          Providing New Bedding, 
                Caring & Love

         To Children in Transition

During a Treasure Time Gifting Event a young girl, about 10 yr. old, choose a beautiful Sweet Dream Bag --  she then sat down with the volunteer and read her personalized book---all seemed to be going well -- until the volunteer took the Name Sticker and placed it on her chosen bag and told her, "This is yours to keep forever!" --- she just sat there and finally said, "Do you mean that I can take this home and keep it?!!!  She just couldn't believe it -- she was so excited as she walked out the door with her very own, beautiful, new Sweet Dream Bag!!!

It Was A Busy April

So many children were able to get their very own, new, wonderful bedding this past month --- last week alone we had 4 Treasure Time Events, gifting over 100 children (that is almost $5000.00 worth of bedding given in just one week!) We  have been so blessed to have the bedding to give and for all the wonderful volunteers that give each child have a wonderful experience of feeling so special and loved!!!!  (One 5 yr. old boy said, "Today has better than Friday Night Date Night!!").  Wells Fargo Bank Volunteers helped with 2 of the events at Head Start Schools--such a fun age (3-5 yr. olds) to see them excited and so happy when they get just the bag they want.  We had countless other volunteers, old and new, help us with the other events last week and all month -- THANK YOU --your love and dedication to come care about these children --  fill our hearts with joy!!!    Also thanks to all who packed and prepared the Sweet Dream Bags at the "Pack & Pray" Events --- and for the many, many people that have provided new bedding and funds to purchase such beautiful gifts for these precious children.  We saw BIG smiles and excitement on all  these children as they chose from so many beautifully prepared Sweet Dream Bags --- a real gift to each child!!


  May 14, Wednesday, starting at 5pm
“Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Hidden Brooke, Hope Communities Family Services,
 1313 Xenia St, Denver, CO 80220  (Volunteers Needed)

May 17, 2014  Saturday Morning
"Pack & Pray Event”
Bethany E-Free Church, 6240 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO  80121, Starts: 9am -12:30
A light lunch is served about 11:15—plan to stay!  (Everyone Welcome!) 

May 24, Saturday, starting at 9:30 am
“Treasure Time Gifting Event”
VOA Family Housing & Services,
 455 Bannock, Denver, CO (Volunteers Needed)

June 21, 2014  Saturday Morning
"Pack & Pray Event”
Bethany E-Free Church, 6240 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO  80121,
Starts: 9am -12:30
A light lunch is served about 11:15—plan to stay!  (Everyone Welcome!)

Reminder: if you can help with any Treasure Time Event please call Susie 303-507-2098 or email

Other events will be added as they are scheduled-- Please Check the Calendar on our Website:


 You are making a difference
in the lives of these precious children!


  •  Twin Size Comforters --Navy Blue, Black, Grey or Burgandy solid colored (at Walmart about $18)
  • Standard Size Bed Pillows (a great project even for the youngest of children, might even let their neighborhood know that for $2.50 they can provide a child with a wonderful, fluffy pillow--which will be put into the Sweet Dream Bag!)
A Small Reminder:
As summer approaches -- please be mindful that when we are with these children at Treasure Times we are role models -- dress codes used in schools are appropriate (nothing too short or too low cut!) .

As we serve these precious children we are finding our inventory of middle and older BOY BEDDING is very, very low!  We want these boys to have plenty of choices -- so we need solid color twin comforters -- Blue, Black, Burgdany or Grey -- We have had and are having several people sew Bronco Pillow Cases and we are going to add soccer and hockey pillowcases --- that way we can make Sweet Dream Bags that appeal to the boys!!!  We need the comforters-- also if you see sales on "Boy Type Comforters" -- that would be wonderful too!!!  Best boy's bedding buys are usually at WalMart, Ross & Big Lots. 

Need To Let People Know About Us

Recently two young girls, in 4th grade, got so excited about Sweet Dream that they want their school to get involved -- so they made an appointment to speak with  the Principal and it set as they enter 5th grade they can make Sweet Dream a project for their school.  We are so proud of these two girls for their courage to speak up and get something in place for the coming school year!  
If you belong to a club (like Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis or other service club, a church, or even your work place) -- please check with the program leader and see if they need a speaker --- we love to share about Sweet Dream -- the more people that know and understand the need here in the Metro area --the more children we can serve!!!  It is always nice to speak if someone in the group knows us and can give us a  recommendation!!!  So get to thinking --- we need to get the word out to people and organizations on how they can make a DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD'S LIFE -- Sweet Dream needs new  partners to meet the growing need for bedding for these precious children in need!!!
Just give us a call 303-507-2098, we would love to share Sweet Dream's Mission to help these children that have so very little!!

              Animals made by 
Students from Broomfield High School
           "Crocheting For A Cause"
             THE CHILDREN WILL
               TREASURE THEM!
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Our mailing address is:  9249 S. Broadway, Unit 200, Suite 198, Littleton, CO  80129
Sweet Dream In A Bag
9249 S Broadway,
Unit 200, Suite 198
Littleton, CO 80129

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