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Sweet Dream In A Bag


January 2016

 Providing New Bedding, Caring

and Love to Children in Transition
"Thank you SO MUCH.  We really appreciate the bed sets and they are definitely needed.  You all are doing a great job and bringing comfort and hope to all these children.  Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.  May you and your families be blessed because of what you have done for us!"
  • Please look at the Event Calendar and see if any of the Treasure Time Gifting Events will work in your schedule.  You and your family will enjoy your time with these precious children as they pick their Sweet Dream Bag and reading their personalized book with them and interacting.  We want all the children to feel special!!!


What a great year....many children are sleeping in their own new Sweet Dream Bedding!  Sweet Dream has nearly gifted 5000 children with new, comfy bedding bags in  the past 5 years!!  What a dream come true....little did we ever think we would be here in just 5 years!!  When we first started Sweet Dream we thought if we were able to bless 20 or so children it would be great....we never thought we could reach so many children and make their lives a little warmer and more comfortable!  We feel so blessed by all of you that have helped us make this possible.  Some of the highlights for the year have been:

  • The New Logo

  • Getting the Sweet Dream Story Book revised and professionally illustrated and printed

  • New people and groups coming to the Packing Events and helping with Treasure Time Gifting Events.

  • People sharing Sweet Dream with their friends and neighbors and asking them to donate needed items.  

  • Birthdays celebrated with Sweet Dream being the recipient of the gifts (new bedding to be donated to Sweet Dream)!

  • Businesses, Clubs, Churches & Schools being willing to hold Packing Events and provide the money for the new bedding for the event.

  • Receiving Grants

  • People have asked their employer for donations.

  • The many people that have gone that extra mile to provide Sweet Dream Children with new bedding.



A family in Thornton, for several years, has chosen to make Sweet Dream part of their Holiday Celebration.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas they have an Open House in their home. Their family and neighbors are invited to come with the bedding they have purchased especially for the children of Sweet Dream, enjoy some holiday goodies and fellowship and are given a little "Handmade" tree ornament to hang on their tree to as a reminder of what is important about the season!  The picture shows our car was FULL of beautiful comforters, sheets, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals....what an is becoming an annual event...everyone in their neighborhood is anxious to do it again next year!! 

Sweet Dream Project

Letter to Sweet Dream from the organizer of project Charlotte:

"The great news is that for our first charity drive in our new Discount Tire Company Carolina region, our people showed us just how giant their hearts are.  Our region has 41 stores.  We suggested that each store put together the items necessary for one bag.   They went above and beyond!!!  We collected 52 bags of sheets, a blanket, comforter, pillowcases, a book, a stuffed animal, a toothbrush, and toothpaste!  52 children who are either displaced or victims of domestic violence will be receiving these bags at Safe Alliance of Charlotte.  

I cannot tell you how wonderful this experience was for our people and wanted to thank you for your guidance and newsletters that inspired this incredible opportunity for us!

Thank you again!"



Jan. 7,  2016  Thursday, starting 6 pm
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Mt. Loretto Family Housing
3101 S. Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80236
(Volunteers needed)

Jan. 13,  2016  Wednesday, starting 7 pm
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Salvation Army Lambeth Center
2741 N.. Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80211
(Volunteers needed)

Jan. 16,  2016, Saturday Morning, start 9 am
"Packing Event”
Bethany E-Free Church, 6240 S. Broadway,
Littleton, CO  80121
Starts: 9 am – 12:30 pm
A light lunch is served about 11:15 –plan to stay! (Everyone Welcome!!!)

Jan. 20,  2016, Wednesday, starting  6 pm
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Hope Center Preschool
3400 Elizabeth St, Denver
(English & Spanish speaking volunteers needed)

This should be a fun time….the children will be coming to the event in their PJ’s…just wanting to enjoy the evening with you, choosing their Sweet Dream Bag and reading their story to them!

Jan. 26, 2016,Tuesday, starting  11:30 am
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Jefferson County Head Start School
5150 Allison St, Arvada, CO 80002
(English & Spanish speaking volunteers needed)

Jan. 30, 2016, Sat, starting 1 pm
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Aurora Gabriel House
13101 E. Mississippi Ave, Bldg. C 1020,
 Aurora, CO 80012
(English & Spanish speaking volunteers needed)

Feb. 20, 2016, Saturday Morning, starting 9 am
"Packing Event”
Bethany E-Free Church, 6240 S. Broadway,
Littleton, CO  80121
Starts: 9 am – 12:30 pm
A light lunch is served about 11:15 –plan to stay! (Everyone Welcome!!!)

March  19, Saturday Morning, starting 9 am
"Packing Event”
Bethany E-Free Church, 6240 S. Broadway,
Littleton, CO  80121
Starts: 9 am – 12:30 pm
A light lunch is served about 11:15 –plan to stay! (Everyone Welcome!!!)

April 26 ,Tuesday, starting  11:30 am
"Treasure Time Gifting Event”
Jefferson County Head Start School
5150 Allison St, Arvada, CO 80002
(English & Spanish speaking volunteers needed)

 Reminder:  There will be Treasure Time Gifting Events added as agencies set dates, check our website and look at the CALENDAR!
Please--- if you can help with any Event call Susie 303-507-2098 or email:
 Updated: 1/3/2016

 "I love my new Sweet Dream Bedding!"


Access Housing/Commerce City

Alternatives to Violence/Loveland
Angel House/Loveland
Castle Rock Women's Crisis Center/Castle Rock
Coalition for the Homeless /Ren. at Lowery
Coalition for the Homeless/ West End Flats
Coalition for the Homeless/Renaissance 88
Coalition for the Homeless/Ren. Blue Spruce
Coalition for the Homeless/ Stout Street Flats
Colo. House/Partners in Housing-Colo Springs
Crossroads Safehouse/Trans. Housing-Ft.Collins
Decatur Place Transitional Housing
Denver Rescue Mission Star Tran. Housing
Extended Hands of Hope/Avanti House
Family Tree Housing & Family Services
Family Tree Crisis Center
Father Ed Judy's House
Fostering Hope Foundation/Colo. Springs
Gabriel House/Aurora
Gateway Women's Shelter
Greeley Transitional Housing
Hope Communities/California Street
Hope Communities/Hidden Brook
Hope Communities/Thrill
Humbolt Archdiocesan Housing I
I Am Academy
Jefferson Co. Attorney/  Family Violence
Jefferson County Head Start
LaPuente House/Alamosa, CO
Mercy /Springfield Ct. Apt./Ft. Collins
Mercy/Holly Park Apartments
Mt. Loretto Family Housing
Open Door Ministries
Pasada Family Shelter/Pueblo
Pasada Rio Sacramento/Pueblo
Salvation Army Lambeth Center
STRIDE Transitional Housing
VOA Brandon House
VOA- ECEC Head Start
VOA DAV Families
VOA Family Housing Program
VOA Rainbow Head Start
VOA Young Mothers
Warren Village
Warren Village First Step

As you look at this list you will realize just how many  children need your help and caring to make their lives a little more cozy and give them something to call their own!

  • Baby Crib Fitted Sheets

  • Navy Blue Twin Comforters at Walmart

  • Fabric for Baby Quilts

  • Baby Quilts

Together we can
make a Difference!
Schedule Your Next Event
Directors and Case Worker:  we are now  scheduling Treasure Time Gifting Events for the next 3 months--- Please look at your calendar and contact us to get your event on our Sweet Dream Schedule!  These children need to sleep warm and comfy in these cold months!--  Email: and secure a date!  
Sponsoring a Packing Party
Does you work, church or club want to sponsor a Packing Party and get everyone involved? Your group just needs to raise half the funds for the event and we will bring all the materials!   Susie would love to share how to do that and can come share about Sweet Dream with the group so everyone understands and is excited about this great opportunity!    Susie:303-507-2098
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