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Aug 10, 2015
Magnesium and Sudden Death

Every year about 600,000 North Americans die from a sudden cardiac event. Half of these people have never been diagnosed with heart disease. So U.S. researchers tracked 88,000 women for 26 years to see if their magnesium intake was linked to their death.

Researchers discovered that those consuming the most magnesium (more than 345 milligrams a day had a 34 percent decreased risk of sudden cardiac arrest than those who consumed the least, 260 milligrams or less). And those who reported the highest amount of magnesium had a 77 percent lower risk of having a sudden cardiac arrest.

The moral? It doesn’t hurt to eat more leafy greens, whole gains, nuts and other magnesium rich foods. Since studies show that most people have decreased blood magnesium ask your health food store about magnesium tablets or consider the powder MagSense.


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