Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.
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Dear colleagues
It’s an almost wintry morning as I sit in front of my computer with the enjoyable task of sharing tips and resources with you. Talking about sharing: those of you with a Facebook account join my ELT Island Facebook group and start posting ideas as many fellow teachers have already done. Your contributions offer an insight to the rest of us. We enrich each other’s teaching in a variety of ways.
Reading: a simple reading activity for your A’sr classes.
Crafts: origami may sound too hard a hobby to take up. Not necessarily. Watch this and you might start thinking otherwise.
Video: Greek history is in the process of being wiped out from public education textbooks. Let us make the difference by offering our students engaging content. Good for your advanced classes
Games: a little frog is trying to avoid crocks, herons and insects in order to finish the game. In the process, he answers questions about body parts. Enjoy!
Training: your unique chance to become a web-designer beckons! Attend this seminar and become the master (or at least the confident administrator) of an increasingly connected world.
CDs of the week.
A. Active Vocabulary is a thorny issue. It doesn’t have to be boring though! Our Lexisflex series provides great practice activities, and such a variety of task types that kids will never be bored doing them, as they won’t know what’s just around the corner. (You will, though, since the Syllabus is there for you to download through my site - download the levels you prefer, print them and incorporate them in your teaching. 5 minutes a week is as little as you can devote to the development of lexical competence.
B. Brand new! Irregular verbs for B and C senior. One of its kind. €15 per level, €25 for both.
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.

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