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Is it just me, or Christmas is closing in fast? OK, no need to hurry things, so let’s keep the newsletter un-Christmassy for a while longer.
Internet is the superhighway of information. For us, teachers, it is a treasure trove of resources. Serious stuff for exam prep, language games, just games, grammar and vocab material to immerse ourselves to our heart’s content, you name it, it’s got it. However, we need to search carefully and store the links afterwards in order to spare ourselves the tons of embarrassment that might ensue from an on-the-spot surfing experience that might go terribly wrong. Having said that, here’s the pick of the week:
Vocabulary: weather words from a site with straightforward, no frills material.
Crafts: remember what I said about keeping the newsletter Xmas-free for a while longer? Well, forget about it for a moment. An origami North-star is coming your way!
Games: a cute interactive game for your beginner classes. Clothes and colors in a crocodile environment. Snap!
Video: while doing Youtube research (you can call it thus at times), I came across a really riveting video about one of the toughest military units in the world. Clear narration and a solid historical background. Good for listening skills for your B2s and above.
Training: you asked for it and you’ve got it! Learn how to make your own games and put them on the web for your students. Near, far, wherever they are, they can play these games and remember you lovingly (or not!). Attend this workshop and turn your EFL activities into word search games, Pac Man, crosswords and more. No computer skills needed other than Microsoft Word and the ability to surf. Date and time: Saturday 19 November, 17:00 - 20:00. Coffee, cookies, certificates, movies and a Xmas Spirit CD-ROM just for €30!
Websites: do you fancy your own Xmas thematic website with your name and logo on it, complete with crafts, carols and traditions? For endless hours of seasonal fun. At a competitive price, even lower if combined with the Xmas Spirit series.
And for state-of-the-art software:
A. Active Vocabulary is a thorny issue. It doesn’t have to be boring though! Our Lexisflex series provides great practice activities, and such a variety of task types that kids will never be bored doing them, as they won’t know what’s just around the corner. (You will, though, since the Syllabus is there for you to download through my site - download the levels you prefer, print them and incorporate them in your teaching. 5 minutes a week is as little as you can devote to the development of lexical competence.
B. Xmas Spirit! A series of CD-ROMs ranging from pre-school to E class, with grammar and vocab revision activities and carols. Ideal for your classes, but good as gifts as well, at an unheard of price!
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.

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