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Dear colleagues
I hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays and storing up energy for the challenging school year that lies ahead. And what a year! I can’t stress powerfully enough the necessity of training! Understanding the future is the first step to shaping it and the only way to do that is to acquire certain 21st century skills. Web-design and gamification are some of these and there are plenty of training opportunities out there, although I must say that Flexible Multimedia with its cutting-edge tools, which have been fashioned largely thanks to a deep understanding of the teachers’ hi-tech needs, leads the way in assisting you to develop these skills.
Once again, let us harness the power of the web and channel it towards learning. Remember! The web equips you with formidable tools that are not always directly connected to ELT, and, in a way, this is where their power lies.
Vocabulary: with summer here to stay and all that, why not try some summery vocab games with your kids?
Crafts: an amazing kangaroo toy trailer plus some great listening.
Video: one thousand cows are waiting for you to round them up, with the help of Alphablocks!
Recipe: what could be better for a summer lunch than prepare a healthy pizza? Your kids could help you, once you have watched the one and only Jamie Oliver giving instructions.
Training: your unique chance to become web-designer beckons! Attend this seminar and become the master (or at least the confident administrator) of an increasingly connected world.
CDs of the week.
A. We are now well past the beginning of the year, so why not try some activities guaranteed to develop your students’ active vocabulary? Mind you, this has always been a thorny area. You are well acquainted with this situation of the grammar-perfect class who cannot express themselves due to lack of lexis. The LEXISFLEX series will change that. 11 levels (pre-school to C2), 1,700 words, 410 exercises, 126 thematic groups, more than 20 different types of activities will work wonders with your classes, maintaining their interest and motivating them with a great variety of tasks. I’ve seen it in practice and I can’t help marvelling at how the tasks activate my students’ productive skills.
B. the Keep in Touch series will help your students achieve just that and more with a great number and variety of fun activities. No link to my page yet since there was no time to prepare it.
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.

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