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Dear colleagues
Have a great and creative week and remain strong and patient  as Xmas is inexorably drawing closer!
A lot of stuff is coming your way to make this wait even more exciting.
Reading: a Christmas story starring Howard Wigglebottom!
Vocabulary: shoot down synonyms. Very advanced!
Crafts: paper snowflakes. Simpler than you could ever imagine. When you finish them, add a touch of glitter.
Video: tune in to The Richest Channel and discover mind-blowing facts that make for compelling viewing. This video challenges some of our notions about earth. Enjoy!
Training: plan and execute fascinating Xmas web-projects with your students. Learn how to run a full-blown project, complete with stages of Researching, Assembling, Building and Promoting. Do techie-stuff, teach English and have enormnous fun into the bargain! Date and time: Saturday 19 November, 11:00 - 14:00. Coffee, cookies, certificates, movies and a Xmas Spirit CD-ROM just for €30!
Websites: do you fancy your own Xmas thematic website with your name and logo on it, complete with crafts, carols and traditions? Design and hosting for free for as low as €50! Half the price, if purchased along with the Xmas Spirit Series. See below.
And for state-of-the-art software:
A. Active Vocabulary is a thorny issue. It doesn’t have to be boring though! Our Lexisflex series provides great practice activities, and such a variety of task types that kids will never be bored doing them, as they won’t know what’s just around the corner. (You will, though, since the Syllabus is there for you to download through my site - download the levels you prefer, print them and incorporate them in your teaching. 5 minutes a week is as little as you can devote to the development of lexical competence.
B. Xmas Spirit! A series of CD-ROMs ranging from pre-school to E class, with grammar and vocab revision activities and carols. Ideal for your classes, but good as gifts as well, at an unheard of price! €3 per level, €20 for the whole series of eight CD-ROMs, with 5 Xmas movies thrown in!
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.

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