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Dear colleagues
No rest for the wicked! From the exam frenzy, to the seminar / exhibition / workshop frenzy. In the aftermath of another successful TESOL convention, (members or non-members, visit this site just to get a taste ) with a host of interesting speakers and a variety of social events because as we all know “no work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Easter is literally just around the corner - two weeks away, right? - but there’s a lot to be done until we enjoy our well-earned rest. So, let’s have a look at a mix of Easter activities and instructional material.
Video: draw a baby fox with the letter b. Ideal for your pre-juniors!
Reading: an Easter story. Good for Elementary to Lower Intermediate.
Crafts: cardboard Easter chickens. Simple materials, lots of fun.
Recipes: an edible Easter bunny. Easy as pie and great fun, too!
Thematic Easter Site: how would you like YOUR OWN SITE, full of Traditions, Crafts, Food and Activities related to Easter? It will bear your own logo, name, address, contact info and it will work just like any other site. Your students will love it. Moreover, they will be able to access it from anywhere and any medium, including their portable devices. Contact me to order it.
Websites: Have you got your own site? Can you afford not to? Can you deny yourself the web presence which is absolutely essential these days? Imagine all the things you can do with your own site: advertise, entertain, educate, communicate, inform. Would you like to have one created to your own specifications? Reasonably-priced, no host charges, easy to maintain and update. Seminars on how to maintain it are also available. Contact me.
And for state-of-the-art software:
A. Revision material on your whiteboard: Our Easter Fun, built upon a mainly grammar syllabus, helps you revise material you have been teaching up until March - April. The Syllabus is in downloadable form (MSWord file) and can be found on the link below.
B. The frenzy of exam preparation is now at full tilt, therefore intensive preparation is rather in order. Browse through our FCE, ECCE, CPE, ECPE1, ECPE2 and ESB CD-ROMs and you will certainly find something that fits your teaching context. Priced between €25 and €30 per title, they are also available in a particularly attractive package with a price tag of €90 (instead of €160) for all 6 of them.
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.
Contact info:
Alex Vouyouklis
210 6141631 - 6977 221202
Facebook: Alexandros Vouyouklis
Skype: alexandros.vouyouklis

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