This is the best time in history to be a teacher.
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     Dear colleagues
     I have always wanted to share insights and ideas with fellow teachers. This is after all, the essence of our profession, sharing stuff with our students and each other. The power of Internet (and surely, rarely has the word “power” been used more aptly before) enables me to do so in two ways: Firstly, it enables me to reach out to a wider audience and you, in turn are free to forward this material to others should you find it worthy. Secondly, with its endless variety of resources, it provides us with inexhaustible high quality material, directly or indirectly meant for teaching.
     This is indeed the best time to be a teacher. Technology empowers us in ways never imagined before and all we have to do is tap into its vast potential and build a lesson around it. We don’t have to be all that experienced either. One word of warning and you’re ready to go: select your material, whether it is a video, a song, an article or an image, review it carefully (you don’t want to be surprised or embarrassed if your YouTube sequence takes an unexpected twist) and attach an educational objective to it, as well as the appropriate tasks.
     This is in a nutshell the structure of the newsletter you are currently reading: every week I will give you a number of teaching materials of various types: an article, a grammar exercise, a vocabulary list or exercise, some kids’ craft, a drawing lesson (they are enormous fun and can be used at any level!), a video and a recipe (cooking is my passion).
     You will also be receiving information about my training seminars, (i.e. subject, venue, duration, cost, perks) and the CD-ROMs released by my publishing section, Flexible Multimedia. Other features will be added later. You are very welcome to contribute ideas. At any point you can unsubscribe although I wholeheartedly hope you won’t. So, welcome to the first issue of “The Fun of Teaching”. Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and don’t forget to be awesome. 

Reading skills pick of the week
Read about a unique park in Austria which transforms into a ...!!!
Recommended for Intermediate to Upper Intermediate.

Grammar pick of the week
Have to OR Must?

Vocabulary pick of the week
360 alphabetized words on travelling. You don't have to learn them all, of course!

Craft pick of the week
Amazing, easy to prepare, printable 3D animals!

Drawing pick of the week
Draw a monster with the letter K. Sounds perplexing? Just try it out!

Video pick of the week
Take a virtual tour in the very lake you read about.

Recipe pick of the week
Chicken cooked in crust. Summery comfort food!

Training - Acquire the 21st century teacher skills
Attend Flexible Multimedia Seminars and learn how to build your own website for free and host it fir free.

CD-ROM of the week
Do you need material to evaluate your students' performance and see what remedial work needs to be done before you start your classes in September? You can do this and more, with our sensational Welcome Back series. Visit the link and download the syllabus. They cost €4 each or €20 for the whole series in ONE CD, which represents a discount of almost 50%. The series consists of 9 levels, Aj - C1 and offers in total 250 practice activities of various types.


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