For a happy and creative new school year!
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Reading skills pick of the week - Exotic tastes; not for the squeamish! Read it here:
Vocabulary pick of the week - a game of synonyms from the previous article. First, pre-teach the following words: brisk, swat, vendor, blazing, seasoned, put off, famine, regime, emerge, gingerly, swiftly, retract. Then, click here and play the game!
Video pick of the week. For the nursery song, click here:


Dear colleagues
Exhibitions are over. I hope we have all put together our booklists for the year and I’m sure they’re exciting since publishers have been doing their best to produce motivating, varied material to cater for a variety of learners. Have you thought of a future school without books? Imagine it. It’s easy if you try as John Lennon might have said. But we’ll come back to it much later.
For the moment, start planning and supplementing your books. And here’s your material for the week:
Have you heard of “six-legged livestock”? Although it isn’t guaranteed to whet your appetite, it makes for riveting reading.
A vocabulary game follows, based on lexis you will encounter in the article.
Lovely stuff for our young learners too. Play the “how many monkeys” song, then practise plural nouns with them.
Features will be added to the next issues of this newsletter, so stay tuned!
Educate, entertain, enjoy, innovate, share and never, ever, cease being awesome.

Grammar pick of the week. For the activity, click here:
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