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15 May 2014
Welcome to our newsletter,
"The Pride" 

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Very good games with excellent spectator participation throughout the club. Melville supporters were definitely felt at several venues in hockey land last weekend. Nice to see the Minkey kids on the field again and the Juniors in full swing.  A date for the calendar both our Premier 1 Men and Women have back to back games 17 May, Saturday 4:00pm Start for the women and 5:30pm start for the men. This is our first official back to the club night with all the bells and whistles. I look forward to seeing you there along with our Melville Athletes. They love the support. The after party is where something beginning with M.

Premier 1 Teams Men and Women  thanks to the coaches and managers for writing such good reports. I must say though as a totally unbiased supporter (well close) to watch the men take out Hale 3 - 1 in such a professional and dynamic way was just great. Pete will elaborate on the goal scoring but this game was a beauty which on the card could have gone either way. Well done lads and yes it was us doing all the cheering from the peanut gallery.
Our women although losing 3 - 2 to Aquinas showed a toughness and resolution not seen in many teams until the last second of the game. With three key players out, it did give a chance for our younger players to step up and they did. I was very proud to see Melville 18 - 15 year olds out there with our senior members mixing it with the best. Our leadership group and senior players were exceptional also. We are still on track and there are plenty of games to go.  Let's give some support to our Premier 1 teams by attending the games .

Melville Junior Hockey (from the President)  to bring some of our U17 and U15 boys teams into the Premier 1 change rooms and work through the game plays in the viewing box with Russell Lee was a gem of an idea. This insight to big match day plays will be nothing short of inspiring to these young players. I understand the idea is to be adopted by our ladies also and fully agree with the concept and support our juniors receiving this great guidance.

New Turf Chairman  I would like to announce that a MCHC Turf Chairman has been nominated and elected unanimously by the Turf Committee to the position. Long standing Past President and Club Member Hans Geers now holds the role. Hans brings a wealth of knowledge of club operations and Hockey WA operations which will service him and the club well for the future in this role. Congratulations Hans. I would also like to thank outgoing long standing Chairman Pat Hall for years of diligent service. Dave Porter must also receive thanks for is temporary role as Turf Chairman which has been handled not only very well but while he also managed the design, supply and installation of the new turf and surrounding civil works. Thank you Dave.

Not So Good News: I received a complaint this week from a very respected umpire about a very Senior Melville Team which argued and displayed unsportsman like conduct during Saturdays afternoon game. This is not the norm for MCHC at any level let alone a team at this point in their hockey career. I see this as a one of issue but do remind teams and members that we have a code of conduct and do at all times respect the opposition and our own team mates. We also represent our club while wearing our maroon uniform and would not like to hear any more reports along these lines. 

What's Happening Update:  We received approval from City of Melville to install a container in our inner fenced area which will be used to store, sell and display our uniforms in the future. Thanks to Greg and Tracey Hunt for pushing through this requirement and I am happy to say in the near future you will see some works occurring to locate the container and prepare it for action for our hard working uniform team to use in the very near future.
We do still need another turf sweeper driver. Perhaps someone who has some time off during the week may be able to help. IF you can find a bit of time to assist with this role please contact Barry Hancock on mob: 0400 310 404
I hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing you at the back to the club night Saturday.
Gary Bowater - Melville City Hockey Club – President.
PS and remember you can link directly to the Melville Website at anytime, from anywhere and access the weekly newsletter, links to fixtures and results, important information or links to our social media pages. 

Thanks to TJM Photographics for their tireless work each weekend photographing games at all levels around the club. You can find a selection on the Melville Facebook page and website, and if you want copies of any please contact Teresa. We also thank Teresa for allowing us to use the some of the photographics in The Pride.


Thursday Night Meals
(special tonight)

Tonight's special meal is Lasagne, and then back to delicious roast beef and vegetables next week. Meals $10

Lynda's famous Roasts return with a different meal served every 4th week e.g. Lasagne, Curry, Pasta or Beef and Guinness.

Melville First Men vs Hale

What a great Saturday evening game. I say this in more ways than one, as whilst everyone was involved in the game the First Men's Team hosted the U15 Melville boys forwards at their pre-match, half-time and post match briefs. The aim of this is to integrate our young players into what is required to be a first div men's player. The Firsts were impressed with the knowledge and willingness to learn of the U15s. Charlie Gaudoin gave a more in depth brief of how we were trying to press v Hale and Christiaan Stroeber and Ross Hall also volunteered a further debrief after the game. What a great way forward for the Club.  The Men's team won 3 to 1, with field goals to a Christiaan tomma sizzler just before half-time, a Doogie Doogie overlap and shot that picked the gap on the Gks right ear, with Sam Geers finishing with a classy rightside shot. Needless to say, we had plenty of circle penetrations and still need to improve in that area. The win, was set up from the foundations of a solid defence with Jordy and Dirty outstanding at the back, and great support by Ross, Bryn, Willis and Dougie. Interesting enough we had 6 players out, and this allowed players such as Ricca, Macca, Nick Tate wtc to put their mark and position claim in our first team.
However, we are really up against it this coming week as we play Guildford at Melville Saturday afternoon at 5pm. Guildford boast the best pc convertor in the competition this year in Tim Bates, he is exceptionally powerful and accurate, so come and see Clemo get challenged to his best. Interesting to note, one of the umpires from last week is the architect of Guildfords defence, so my feeling is that our boys want to show him who is in charge this week.
The First Team just love your support, and look forward to being part of your Saturday this week. See you at the game!!
Coach Mens 1 team
- Peter Freer

Match Reports

Each Thursday afternoon/night during normal rounds, all match reports received will be available in the weekly newsletter pdf links  (see newsletter page on website)  


Melville Women's 1 team

Melville ladies played Reds on Saturday afternoon in front of a good size crowd. We started slowly and Reds capitalised early scoring in the first five minutes. From there we settled and although still a little shell shocked from being a goal down, managed to start to establish ourselves on the game. We went in 1-0 down at half time and spoke about our ability to adapt and our basics.
The second half started the same as the first and unfortunately we were down 2-0 within a minute of the restart. With that, our defence tightened up and we began the tough job of getting back into the game. A scramble in front of goal saw the ladies back in it at 1-2 however some basic errors and poor decision making allowed Reds to score again shifting the momentum. The last fifteen minutes we started to overrun Reds and they were on the back foot. We scored again through a penalty corner but the clock was against us and we left our run too late going down 3-2.   Overall I felt and the team believed, that it was our mistakes that allowed Reds to win highlighting the importance of basic skills and decision making. We took a lot out of the game and noted that there were many positives in the match. For some players it will be the first time that they are beginning to understand what it means to play State League hockey and how hard we must work. Especially eliminating the mistakes that we can control, having the ability to improve on these at training and how we bounce back! 
I am definitely looking forward to seeing the intent of this team this weekend at home in front our crowd! Big weekend at home....
Coach Women 1s Team, Blake Burrows 

Social Scene - Melville 'M' Party 

THIS SAT 17th May, Come dressed as anything beginning with the letter ‘M’to celebrate the first MCHC social event of 2014 – come dressed as a magician or a mummy or a mexican – anything beginning with the letter M.
The bar will be in full operation as well as the ‘M’ themed tunes cranking.  Games begin at the Maroon Zone at 1:00pm with the 3’s Women right through to 8.30pm with the 3’s Men – Party will kick off at 7.30pm at MCHC Clubrooms. Click for more

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are now available. Collect your hard copies from the Bar or you can now sign up on line and save on your Iphone or Android Smartphones. To purchase your digital membership, go to the Entertainment Book website.  Select the option "Smartphone Companion Apps"  Click on the link to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play (if you have an android phone).  Alternatively, select "Entertainment Australia" from the Apple App Store, purchase and download the app.   Load the app and sign in, but make sure that you list "Melville City Hockey Club" as your club of preference.  Help your club at the same time as helping yourselves!

Uniform Shop

Tracy Hunt and the team will be opening the Uniform Shop on most Thursday nights until late season.  You might already have your uniform, but there are so many other club apparel/items you may be interested in; the ever popular Hoodies, wet weather gear, scarfs, caps, Guernseys, sticks and safety equipment and more.  



Last reminder for Bunbury
- if you would like to go, need need to contact Vanessa by TOMORROW (Friday 16th May). We are hoping to have 10 teams, but have some room for 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 Boys. If you are intending to join us in Bunbury, please contact Vanessa Cornwall NOW!

This Saturday the 17th March is Back to the Club day with Senior Men and Woman top teams playing on the turf from 1pm.  Juniors and families have a perfect opportunity to head to the club saturday afternoon/night and watch top hockey and support our teams.  Spend an enjoyable time at the Club, kitchen and bar open.

We have 26 junior teams this season, playing on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings, depending on the age group.  Your team Manager and Coaches are an important line of communication.  Make sure you are receiving information from them, and help them by keeping them informed if you are sick or injured or unable to make a game.  A reminder to be mindful of how as a player or a spectator you treat umpires.  Please remember to respect them, and thank them for the job they do. Without umpires, we wouldn’t be able to play!


The season is now underway.
For all logistical info check the Hin2H page on the Melville website. Don't forget your loose change for the BBQ - thanks to our Top men and women players who will man the BBQ through the season.

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